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  • Not a bad actor.

    Pretty damn cute. Love him in "Mrs Doubtfire".
  • Cute

    Well, despite the fact that I only heard of him in Boy Meets World and that movie with the girl with the earings or something like that, I find him as a very good looking actor. And maybe.. you can find a little bit of talent somewhere. Anyway, he is really cute, not my type but he is cute. And I really respect him just because of Boy Meets World and nothing else. That show was great! And I thank him for putting life in a funny and great character, among with the others. I wish him good luck and I hope we'll see his name in a big movie someday.
  • I think he's amazingly hot and i love his role in boy meets world as well as the hot chick! he's just awesome!

    Although the movies and shows i've seen him in he played co-star with not that much lines and scenes i still think he's an awesome actor and of course dont forget..he's hot! =] i loved his role of jack on boy meets world..i thought he was pretty funny, even though, like i said, he didnt have too many lines and roles but he did have a fair share of the comedy..especially his scenes with co-star will friedle. i also love his role as billy on the hot chick! that was and still is one of my favorite movies and i just loved it. thats it.
  • the best out of the three brothers

    The first time I saw Matt it was on Brotherly Love, and I thought he was the cutest of the three brothers. Then later on I saw him in Boy Meets World. I loved watching him change on the show. He just became more of a good actor every time, and he got more cute, too. When he worked with his brothers in Jumping Ship I still thought he was way better than the other two. If he is not a big star now he should be come one soon.
  • Should've had his turn @ bat in music.

    When I saw him on Gimme A Break playing his baby guitar & singing, I thought that he would have a future in music. Looks like I lost.

    In fact, Matt didn't like to sing, even though fans told him that he has a nice voice. But he did have the courage to go through with it on Joey's 2nd CD as a background vocalist, two episodes of Brotherly Love (Roman Holiday/Art Attack) and once on Boy Meets World (As Time Goes By).

    Matt deserves another chance musically & I miss that side of him.
  • Great actor

    I think Matthew is a great actor, the shows i have seen him in are Brotherly Love , Boy meets World and Blossom.
    My favourite matthew role is the role matthew played in Brotherly Love along with his brothers Joey and Andrew. He and Andrew are not to forget good looking and great actors. He played the younger version of his brother joey on the popular teen series Blossom ,his younger brother andrew played the same role but then again a few years younger.
    His role of Jack Hunter (Season 5-7) on Brotherly love was a role quite different from the other roles he had played but he performed the role with great perfection.