Matthew Long

Matthew Long


5/18/1980, Winchester, Kentucky, USA

Birth Name

Matthew Clayton Long



Also Known As

Matt Long
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Matthew was born and raised in Winchester, Kentucky on the 18th of May 1980. He always knew he wanted to be an actor, so he started acting in school plays in elementary school. He later continued his acting throughout his college years. Matthew moved to New York to…more


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    • Matt: I wasn't athletic. I played baseball, but I was terrible.

    • Matt: (on being an actor on "Jack & Bobby")What I do for a living is so amazing. I get to do what I wanted to do. I get paid to be an actor, to play in this TV show. It's so phenomenal. I cannot help but smile to myself and think that I have been blessed beyond belief.

    • Matt: I'm not a political animal, really. I feel like I'm an actor and not a politician, and I should keep that stuff to myself.

    • Matt: I was a Cub Scout, a Tiger Cub, and all that stuff, but I quit when I got into the Boy Scouts because I didn't want to do any of the work. Then, when I got to high school and saw how cool everything was, how many trips they went on and how much hiking and camping they got to do, I jumped back into it. That's the one thing I most regret about high school. I was just more interested in camping and hiking than doing the work. But then at 18, I became a Boy Scout leader. I loved doing that.

    • Matt: (on his role as Jack in "Jack & Bobby")I got really wiped from shooting the running scenes. Part of that is because it's so many takes, so you're doing it over and over, but the truth is, I don't run. I hike. I walk. But running? Not my thing. I'm more of a videogame player. I like Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, Medal of Honor, driving games, things like that.

    • Matt: I was a late bloomer in middle school, so I looked like I was four years old. I got picked on a lot. And then finally one time I stood up for myself. I'm just lucky that it didn't end in a fight, because I would have gotten completely creamed. But it actually worked, in that the bullying tapered off after that. I still look young for my age, but now it's a good thing for my work.

    • Matt: (On his character Jack McCallister in "Jack & Bobby")I'm a lot like him myself. I was a conservative kid, but I had fun. I was in a fraternity and stuff. I wasn't a player, that's for sure.

    • Matt: There was a time I thought about being a professional guide. I'm a big outdoorsman, but the acting thing has always been there - always something I wanted to do.

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