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  • i think all of the information i read on this site is true.........i love reading about matt long.... my sisters friends husband got his autograph for says hey tori! follow your dreams -matt long...with a nice picture of him.

    as yew can see he is the hottest guy ever!i am talking about matt long! if i know you call my cell maybe i caqn get the autograph 4 yew also...... i think all the informationis true on this site so it rocksss...yew rock TV.COM!! ! ! ! ! ! i visit your site every day to see if there is any thing new! ! ! ! ! ! there mostly is.... whoever is reading this message keep comming to and you will get better information than anybody on any person!!! i am so sorry if i made typos but i tried not to! anyways keep comming to TV.COM bye

    p.s i love matt long his # is 1800-hottie (not really)