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    • Matt: I wasn't athletic. I played baseball, but I was terrible.

    • Matt: (on being an actor on "Jack & Bobby")What I do for a living is so amazing. I get to do what I wanted to do. I get paid to be an actor, to play in this TV show. It's so phenomenal. I cannot help but smile to myself and think that I have been blessed beyond belief.

    • Matt: I'm not a political animal, really. I feel like I'm an actor and not a politician, and I should keep that stuff to myself.

    • Matt: I was a Cub Scout, a Tiger Cub, and all that stuff, but I quit when I got into the Boy Scouts because I didn't want to do any of the work. Then, when I got to high school and saw how cool everything was, how many trips they went on and how much hiking and camping they got to do, I jumped back into it. That's the one thing I most regret about high school. I was just more interested in camping and hiking than doing the work. But then at 18, I became a Boy Scout leader. I loved doing that.

    • Matt: (on his role as Jack in "Jack & Bobby")I got really wiped from shooting the running scenes. Part of that is because it's so many takes, so you're doing it over and over, but the truth is, I don't run. I hike. I walk. But running? Not my thing. I'm more of a videogame player. I like Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, Medal of Honor, driving games, things like that.

    • Matt: I was a late bloomer in middle school, so I looked like I was four years old. I got picked on a lot. And then finally one time I stood up for myself. I'm just lucky that it didn't end in a fight, because I would have gotten completely creamed. But it actually worked, in that the bullying tapered off after that. I still look young for my age, but now it's a good thing for my work.

    • Matt: (On his character Jack McCallister in "Jack & Bobby")I'm a lot like him myself. I was a conservative kid, but I had fun. I was in a fraternity and stuff. I wasn't a player, that's for sure.

    • Matt: There was a time I thought about being a professional guide. I'm a big outdoorsman, but the acting thing has always been there - always something I wanted to do.