Matthew Marsden

Matthew Marsden


3/3/1973, Walsall, West Midlands, England, UK

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A fresh face in Hollywood, actor Matthew Marsden has few film credits to his name, but has made a memorable impression in each part he has won. In the gritty Black Hawk Down, he commands the screen whenever he is on it as Dale Sizemore. In the USA…more


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    • Matthew: (Talking about issues that come about from his height) When I did the movie Shiner, I worked with Michael Caine, who was very tall, so that wasn't a problem. When I do auditions with female actors, sometimes I feel like I have the role until they ask me to stand next to the woman.

    • Matthew Marsden: (About his acting career) Growing up on the Yew Tree I had dreams of becoming an actor but when I used to say that people would just laugh at me. But my mum and my friends always believed in me though. I've had loads of knock backs, and especially after Corrie people seemed desperate for me to fail but you just have to get on with it.

    • Matthew: (On life in L.A) I live like a hermit. In the insanity that can be Hollywood it is great to have your own little castle. There is nothing more important than your family.

    • Matthew: (On his hometown Walsall) I don't get to come home as much as I'd like, about twice a year. It's always lovely to come back home but I'm still the same person I always was, if it all ended tomorrow I would be happy working on the market in West Brom.

    • Matthew: (On his role of Schoolboy in Rambo) I was the first actor to be cast for the film and Sly told me to build up my stamina and work on my forearms as I would be lugging a huge gun around. And he wasn't wrong, it was enormous and so heavy.

  • A local boy done good.

    I'm from the West Midlands and have met Matthew at the hawthorns (football ground) not only that but he is a nice guy and seems to be doing well for hiself too. I remember him as chris the mechanic in coronation street (and am trying to remember who his character killed in a car accident?!?)Then there's was resident evil- sadly he plays a badguy but had a good role, and of course Rambo as schoolboy. I really hope his career goes from strength to strength and he becomes a bigger star in Hollywood. Until them i'm going to check out Black Hawk Down!moreless