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    • Matthew: The first person I'd buy an album from is Amber Riley who plays Mercedes. I think she's so talented.

    • Matthew:(About being in a boyband) When I was in that group, I just knew it wasn't for me. Every time I went out and we performed in front of screaming girls, I felt...I felt kind of embarrassed in a way. And that's the worst feeling to have in the industry. That's no discredit to them or anything!

    • Matthew: I've always wanted to be the villain. I usually don't get that opportunity, because I have a certain look that labels me as the "heartthrob" or whatever. I think that would be really cool to play a villain.

    • Matthew: growing up I always wanted to be a professional soccer player. Broadway came into view when I was a sophomore in high school.

    • Matthew:(On being nominated for a Tony Award) It took me a while to process it. It's a dream come true. It makes me remember how I got here and the people who helped me along the way, but it hasn't changed my life. I still have to pay $2.00 to get on the subway, but I feel like I'm 'in the club' now.

    • Matthew:(On New York) There are no misconceptions. It's everything I was told it was going to be. Cold, aggressive, sometimes dangerous...but that daily chaos breeds exactly the kind of energy I was looking for. When I'm not in the city, the electricity is not the same on my skin.

    • Matthew: (On fame) I'm kind of scared of fame in a way, because you lose your life to it. I would be fine just playing good parts. I just want to make a living doing this, and I'm happy that I've been able to so far.

    • Matthew :(About Glee) If I could have written a show for myself, this would have been it. I really enjoy going to work. In New York, I was spoiled by working with so many amazing New York writers, and I really thought they were just artists. I felt like in L.A., people are trying to crank out scripts by Friday. But I really love the words that these guys on Glee use. I don't feel like I'm selling my soul out. It's very special. Ryan Murphy has really kind of created this world that he wants.

    • Matthew:(On who he admires) My friends. They are the strongest, most loyal group that anyone could ask for. They keep me grounded and sane. I don't know where I would be without them.

    • Matthew: I'm living my dream. If I could do anything else though, I would want to be a midwife, like my father.

    • Matthew: (About his mentors) I've had several in my life. In High School there were two teachers who really paved the way for me and encouraged me to stick with theater. Their names were David Green and Ralph Opacic. As of late, I've been fortunate enough to have mentors in the shows I've done. Dick Latessa, from Hairspray, was and is still a great mentor to me. And while working on the film Once Upon a Mattress, Denis O'Hare was there to offer invaluable advice to me. I think the greatest thing about these mentors is that they wouldn't call themselves mentors. They are just amazing human beings who don't even know that they are inspiring people all around them. I feel lucky to have been in their presence.

    • Matthew:(On his character in Glee) I'd love to say it was a big acting stretch to do this role, but it's kind of what my life would have been if I hadn't gone to New York and been successful there. [Will is a Spanish teacher and former glee clubber who makes it his mission to revive McKinley High's defunct singing troupe.] I probably would have been a choir teacher or something like that.

    • Matthew: (On the widespread rumor that he is John Wayne's grandson) Oh, God! That is just a rumor, but I would have no shame in perpetuating it. I'll be John Wayne's grandson! You know, his real name was Marion Morrison -and if you look at pictures of him and me, it's quite uncanny.

    • Matthew: (Advice for aspiring actors) I'm really bad at giving advice. I have to say though, if you're good at something else, do that. This business is so cutthroat and unglamourous, no matter how amazing it looks. I'm not really good at anything else so this is why I do this. I just try and toss aside all of the crap that goes on. I don't mean to sound so bitter, but I just want to be honest about what it's really like. If this is what you really want to do then get ready for soaring highs and devistating lows. And good luck!!

    • Matthew: (His favorite musicals) My favorite used to be when I was growing up, Miss Saigon, but I don't know, I don't really like it anymore. You know, my favorite musical is Assassins. I really enjoyed the recent production of it at Studio 54. It was originally produced by Playwrights Horizons. It's a Stephen [Sondheim] musical, it's all about a bunch of assassins through history.