Matthew Newton





5/11/1977 , Melbourne, Australia

Birth Name

Matthew Joseph Newton




Matthew Joseph Newton was born on May 11, 1977, to Bert and Pattie Newton. He was brought up in Melbourne, Australia along with his sister, Lauren. From a young age Matthew has always wanted to act, sometimes even appearing on his father's show. 'Immense potential' is often used by his friend's and family.

Numerous directors have approached Matt since he won a Logie in 2002 for his outstanding performance in Changi. In 1994 Matt was accepted to NIDA, and left home for Sydney. His first big film was Looking for Alibrandi, which he was chosen for two days after he graduated college.

In 2000 Matt travelled to Berlin, Germany to the Berlin film festival with his movie My Mother Frank. This was Matt's first starting role in a film, and it also went to the Sydney film festival.

In 2009 Matt starred as Terry Clark in the extremely popular series of Underbelly.

Matt Newton shows great potential for both actor and director. "I want to grow, I want to learn," he says, when asked about his future. "I think it would be really stupid of anyone to assume that I can get there all because of who my father is."