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  • I just saw this guy on two different hidden camera shows. One for FOX (Only Joking?) and the other was originally on NBC (SPY TV) It was a few years old I'm guessing since it was showing on ION.moreless

    Matthew Parrott is a stand-up comedian from California and played college football. He's a big dude so I could easily see him playing football. He had a show with another comedian named Greg Baker on The Game Show Network called As Seen On, together they were called The Vault Guys and showed old clips of game shows from 1997-2000, according to Imdb. Matthew is also a recurring character/sketch performer on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

    On NBC's Spy TV Matthew played a hotel security guard that wore thick black glasses. The glasses were actually fitted with a camera so when people looked at him they were looking right into the TV camera for the show! People were "set-up" to get a massage in their shorts but once they were blind folded and had headphones on (I could never trust anyone like that!) what they thought was warm oil being rubbed on them was actually different color paints along with feathers stuck to the paint! LOL! LOL! They were then wheeled out into the hallway and left there until they decided to remove the blindfold and look around. That is when Matthew comes in and starts to ask them what's wrong with them and harass them like crazy, saying, "Are you drunk sir -- Is this some kind of college frat house prank or something?" LOL! The people said that they were getting massages and then Matthew told them that there wasn't any massages at the hotel and then made them look at themselves in the mirror. The people freaked! I was laughing so hard. One after another, they all fell for it. I had tears running down my face. The FOX show Only Joking was much racier but dangerously funny. At one point a Japanese tourist decided to take a swing at Matthew who kept "accidentally" walking in to their group photo of about 30 people! Luckily the punch didn't connect and the tourist was overjoyed when the cameras were pointed out. Watch for the one on the beach where Matthew looks like John Candy from the movie "Summer Rental." By far the funniest hands down, and even more dangerous than the photographing tourist. When a giant bodybuilder in a speedo goes out to the beach to suntan the last thing he wants around him is a guy with an ice chest that spills cold water everywhere, sand being "accidentally" kicked in all directions, and A GIANT umbrella to block out the sun rays! LOL! LOL! When the cameras were shown to this guy, he still wasn't too happy. My stomach hurt from laughing. I would love to get the Only Joking series on DVD if it is available. I haven't been able to find it anywhere as of yet. If anyone is familiar with it please post. Keep us laughing Matthew. You are one CRAZY guy! Thanks.

    Seann T.moreless
  • I love this guy!!! He is sooo cute & handsome. He is one of the funniest stand-up comices that I have ever seen (ALL MY GIRLFRIENDS AGREED!) We laughed so hard, where can I see more of him?moreless

    Matthew was JFK JR. on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. I was a huge JFK JR. fan and Matthew has classic looks just like Jr. did (a few extra pounds... but more my style!) He looks so strong and is so damn charming and seemingly sweet. He is completely comfortable in his skin. I have gotten to see him perform at 3 different venues, but still not had the honor of a face-to-face meeting!!! Can anyone help me with this??? He was at Universal City Walk almost every weekend when there was a comedy club there. He was always the funniest and most natural of all the comedians. I would love to get a cd or a dvd of his atsnd-up but have not been able to find it online, or on a website??? I have no doubt that he will become a major star and on the big screen one day! And hopefully get to meet him. God I hope that i don't sound like a retarded obsessed fan!!?? Thnak-you for the laughs! You have a spirit that can brighten any room that you walk into. My Derm. practice is in ENCINO, CA. Stop by if you are ever in the neighboorhood.

    LUVZ, DR. LISA (I AM 27 YRS OLD)moreless