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  • Go On

    I lost my son a year ago and I have never laughed so hard. I could actually relate to the characters. It was better than going to see my Shrink! I cant wait to see further episodes. This is an awesome show!
  • he's Matthew Perry!

    he's brilliant, besides from Friends he's still hilarious. It's sucks because he's so talented, but it's difficult to get rid of 'Chandler'. I liked Chandler and I'm sure he doesn't regret getting that role, but people compare him to that. Besides that, Matthew Perry is a genius and very witty; my friend and I look up to him. He's awesome
  • HE is one of the bestest actors since this sitcom in 94' i used to watch this all the time whenn i was kid very funny.

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  • His role on Friends was monumental. ...he quotes Mr.T! Hilarious.

    Matthew is a huge huge actor. His role on "Friends" was monumental. Easily the best actor on that series. Pity he hasn't starred on any other series... yet.

    Haven't seen him on any other movies beside "The Whole Nine Yards" and it's successor "The Whole Ten Yards" (as Oz), but one thing is sure, he's gifted for comedy!

    While on "Friends" he was addicted to Vicadin (like House) and Alcohol which makes his role even more memorable.

    To me his best remark on "Friends" was when we was wearing a bracelet given to him by Joey and he quotes Mr.T! Hilarious.

    By the way, I saw somewhere someone saying that he can sing too!
  • This guy is awesome and cute. I'm thirteen but whatever he is!

    I like Matthew Perry alot. He has marvelous acting skills and very funny. Obviously, like most people, I've mostly seen him on Friends but it's a really good show and it lasted for ten years so thats some proof. Many of the people I know like this show too. I may have seen him on other shows or movies but you don't have to see them to know that matthew Perry is a good actor and comedian. He had an addiction to presrciption drugs but he checked himself into rehab in 2001 I think. He's clean now! Hooray! It's been a few years since he's been clean so it's no recent thing. Matthew rules!
  • The FRIEND we all know and love.

    Matthew Perry's biggest and best role was in NBC's FRIENDS in which he played Chandler Bing. Matthew Perry portrayed the role brilliantly and become my idol. His amzing wit and his superb talent. After ten years on FRIENDS his next NBC role was Matt Alby on NBC's Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, which was one of my favourite shows, it was a shame it got cancelled. Perry will next be using his talent in a SHOWTIME show called The End Of Steve which premieres this year.

    Perry is a very talented actor and he masters all of his roles. I really hope he becomes bigger and gets another huge role on a popular sitcom.
  • Great actor!

    Matthew is a very talented actor for every role, ofcourse he has showed his biggest potential for comedies what we all have seen in Friends. He makes every movie great just because of his presence. When he acts he looks so prepared and yet so natural. Where ever he acts he brings attention to himself with his fresh,cute and sarcastic sense of humor. That is something that you have to be born with you can't learn to be so casual and in the same time so irreplaceable. I really admire his work and wish him luck in all of his future projects!
  • The quck wit!

    Born in Williamstown, Mass., and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Matthew Perry had his first taste of acting when he was in the seventh grade. He recalls, "After I got my first laugh on stage, I was hooked." At age 15 he moved to Los Angeles to live with his father, actor John Bennett Perry. Matthew's interest in acting increased after he performed in several high-school stage productions. In addition to acting, he excelled at tennis -- he was rated No. 17 nationally in the junior singles category, and he and his partner were ranked No. 3 in doubles competition. After his graduation, Perry had intended to enroll at the University of Southern California, but when he was offered a leading role on the television series "Boys Will Be Boys," he seized the opportunity to begin his chosen career. His other TV-series credits include regular roles on "Home Free" and "Sydney" as well as a recurring part on "Growing Pains." He guest-starred on such series as "Beverly Hills, 90210," "Who's the Boss?", "The Tracey Ullman Show," "Empty Nest" and "The John Larroquette Show." His TV movies include "Deadly Relations," "Call Me Anna" and "Dance 'til Dawn." Among his feature films are "A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon," "She's Out of Control," "Parallel Lives" and the movies "Fools Rush In" and "Edwards and Hunt: The First American Road Trip" with Chris Farley. In addition to acting, Perry enjoys writing. He sold his first pilot, "Maxwell's House," to Universal Television recently. His other interests include playing ice hockey and softball. He has also been in the hit show "Friends" as Chandler Bing.
  • matthew is the best i love him

    matthew perry is sexy, funny and like my favourite male actor i especially loved him in the ron clark story - i think comedy suits him better but he can do serious really well too. like in the episode of friends - the one with the birthmother where chandler gets really sensitive and serious and says: Chandler: You have every reason to be upset. We did lie. But only because we've been waiting and trying to have a baby for so long. Now we don't know how long it's gonna be before we can get another chance again. Erica: Why don't you ask the reverend to pray on it?

    Chandler: Erica, please. Just consider us. Ask them to see our file. Our last name's Bing. My wife's a chef and I'm in advertising. Erica: Oh yeah. I actually liked you guys. But it doesn't matter, because what you did was wrong. Chandler: But you did like us. And you should. My wife's an incredible woman. She's loving and devoted and caring. And don't tell her I said this but the woman's always right... I love my wife more than anything in this world. And I... It kills me that I can't give her a baby... I really want a kid. And when that day finally comes, I'll learn how to be a good dad. But my wife... she's already there. She's a mother... without a baby... Please.
  • What a Legend.

    Matthew Perry, is very talented actor. Matthew is well-know from the US sitcom Friends. Matthew Perry played Chandler Bing in Friends! I think he was the best on the show, he was always making me laugh, once I fell off my chair I laughed so much! I thought Chandler and Monica were a brillant couple on the show. I think Chandler Bing, Matthew Perry, will be remembered for a very long time. I hve got lots of his films that he is in too, I think I'm in love with him! All in all I think Matthew Perry is a brillant actor. And I'm defintly going to be telling my children about him one day.
  • good job getting healthy and...always funny

    hi,i just saw matthew perry on a ellen degeneres show.
    he looks great and healthy again and that is very nice,i do not usually send these kind of messages to actors but i just wanted to say that because i think he is a great actor and it would be a shame if he was not oke.also saw that there is a new show studio 60,it is not running here in holland but am looking forward to it..
  • great guy!!

    Of course like mosr people I first started seeing Matt act when he was one FRIENDS. I have enjoyed seeing him perform in movies since then as well. I think has a wonderful wit about himself when it comes to acting. He made the character of Chandler his own. I don't think anyone else would have done a better job than he did. Matt made me fall in love with his character and made it seem like he was a real person. I also enjoyed him in Fools Rush In where he get a girl pregnat after a one night stand and then marries her. Athough I'm a fan I haven't watched Studio 60.
  • Mathew is a great guy!!!

    And a fabulous actor too!!! At first I thought he was just a regurlar actor, and that he could just play that same kind of charachter all the time, but after seeing him in a couple of movies, he's really got potential and shoul be called to play more and bigger characters on the big screen...
    I really love his work on friends throughout the years, and I think he stayed verry true to the character for the whole ten years of the series. He played Chandler so well that unfortunately he got branded for it, and I think that is why he doesn't get more invitations from hollywood, witch is a big shame IMHO...
  • Matthew Perry is a great actor.

    Matthew Perry is the actor we know best for his work on the NBC sitcom, "Friends". He plays a very comedic role while taking on some problems on the way. He absorbs his character very well and makes me laugh almost everytime he talks. His sarcasm and fright of commitment is very much laughable. Chandler, his character, is by far my favorite out of all the friends. I think he is by far the most talented out of them too. After his work on "Friends", Matthew Perry showed he had a serious side as well on the new tv show "Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip". This shows his diversity and that he can take on almost any role given to him.
  • Amazing actor in Friends, The Ron Clark Story, Fools Rush In, The Whole Nine Yards, The Whole Ten Yards, Three to Tango... Okay he's great in everything.

    Matthew Perry has had some fascinating roles to play and some amazing people to work with, but above all he’s been an extraordinary actor. He’s played in Comedies and Dramas and he’s done a breathtaking job! He’s even directed some shows, but the greatest thing is some of the Comedy he does was made up him self. Matthew is a fantastic actor and person.
  • Matthew Perry is the most talented actor of his generation!

    Matthew Perry is the best actor of all time because he can do so much with his characters. He has the ability to be hilarious or serious. He is good being dramatic or a comedian. Many other actors cannnot be great at both. Not only is Matthew Perry the best actor, he is unbelieveably cute. (especially on Friends) He is very charming and seems like a smart, reasonable person. Studio 60 is an awesome show. I love watching it because of him. His chemistry between the other actors is great also. Who can\\\'t love Matthew Perry. I know i love him!
  • Matthew Perry is the best!!!!! He is my favourite actor, now, and he'll always stay!!! Why? 'Cause, he's perfect, th ebest, amazing, hot, cute, ....

    I can not belive!!! Matthew Perry is the most talented actor I've ever seen!!! Everybody who knows me, should know that Matthew is my favourite actor! Not just because that he is gorgeus (and he really is), it's because he is perfect actor (REALLY)!!!! I know him from Friends, and Chandler Bing is my fave character in Friends! He is amazing! I have watched every single episode of Friends!!! And I have to say that he is the best! His acting is amazing and becides that he looks PERFECT!!! So great!!! Matthew Perry is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Matt, I LOVE U!!!!
  • OMG!!!!! CHANDLER BING!!!!

    There's only one thing to say....TALENTED! He really knows how to act and everything and I really like him. He plays Chandler Bing in 'Friends' (I WANT THEM BACK!!!), who's in love with Monica and is a witty comedian. I watched soem of his movies (which I really liked) and I want to watch his new one. I hope he makes a lot of new movies in which I can enjoy!!! :P
  • One of the best on TV!

    I am thrilled that Matthew is back on series television. He is the reason why I think Studio 60 is such a great show. When I read that his character is based on him, it made perfect sense. I believe he can carry both comedies and dramas. In a way, he really reminds me of Cary Grant. Cary was such a funny person that he lightened dramas he was in, while he was so handsome that he made every comedy more romantic. I would love to see Matthew in more roles, both television and cinematic. He is the perfect leading man.
  • he is simply the best.i used to love him as CHANDLER BING i can't imagine anyone else could have fit that role any better.

    Matthew perry is really funny and talented.Not once on the show friends did i feel was he overacting or unable to make me laugh!i mean i loved chandler bing and Matthew perry did an awesome job of chandler.Matthew rocks!i love the guy+he's pretty cute.i love his smile:)
    Matthew perry's great.
    there are so many witty n sarcarstic one liner's and dialougues he's got as chandler.
    in the 1st season when Ross did'nt wanna go out with some girl and he keeps staring at rachel and says "i want someone who makes my heart pound..."
    and he could'nt take his eye's off rachel
    chandler goes like "do u want her any more" giving a look at rachel
    and ross pretending like he does'nt get what chandler's saying says"who???"
    "dee,the sarcastic sister from "what's happening""-chandler
    Chandler got loads of such comments n stuff on the chow.
    mathew perry did a great job!
  • Chanandeler Pong

    One of the best TV comedy actors.
    I loved him in friends maybe because I relate to chandler in so many ways.
    The whole nine yards was a great movie, i laughed out loud the whole time but his movie carrer went down after that.
    serving sara and the whole ten yards were boxoffice flopps and that I think what made him backoff from the movies and return to TV.
    His new role in studio 60 is very much based on his real character, I just hope the show continue as entertaing as it started.
    Anyway he will always be rememberd as the funniest guy on friends.
  • A Classic!!

    Matthew Perry is best known for his role as Chandler Bing on FRIENDS. Matthew Perry is Chandler Bing. Many times I wondered if he was even acting. His one line jokes is what made FRIENDS such a hit. Because of Matthew Perry, Chandler Bing will be remembered in many years to come.
  • "Gift from God"

    First of all the guy is gorgeous! There is no doubt about that... Besides his really good looks, we see an extremely honest and talented person. In 'Friends' we could all enjoy the talented young man. Who grow up into the world of acting. He did things no one else did before. I, myself consider him as a great and actor, I look up to him. So it's my dream to once act with him.
  • Matt is an amazing actor!!!

    Matthew Perry is one of the best actor's ever. He can act great in a drama, comedy, romance, anything. He is such a fantastic actor and person. He played his character Chandler so awesome on the hit TV show, Friends. I love his whole personality and especially his sense of humor. Matthew is so extremely good looking. My favourite movies that he was in are: "The Whole Nine Yards", "Serving Sara", and "Fools Rush In." I can't wait to see his new TV series, "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip." So, to sum it all up: Matt is a wonderful actor, has a great personality, is extremely cute, has lots of talent, and an awesome sense of humor.
  • Matthew Perry combines his attributes into a person or character I would love to meet!!!

    Matt is an extremely talented actor whose humor and good nature are actual genetic traits. I have seen almost all of his work but, of course, Friends is the show with which I am most familiar.

    Being a huge Friends fan, I bought all of the Friends' CDs, and have subsequently watched each episode numerous times. Of all of the characters on the show, Matt appears to be the only one who stays in character when the focus shifts to others. He also reacts (like a normal person would) when other characters are speaking on any random topic. For example, in The Lottery, Matt is the only one who looks up from the couch when Rachel uses Emma's first word in a sentence: "Emma just said Gleba." While she is speaking to Ross, and Chandler is much further down on the couch, it makes sense that he would look up due to the idiocy of that statement. Everyone else remained in their 'I'm not part of this scene' bubble.

    In any case, I've noticed that at this point, I frequently fast forward to the scenes that include Chandler and have basically lost all interest in the love lives of the other Friends. I think this is due partially because of his amazing acting talent, partially because he is SO easy on the eyes, and partially because his acting eclipses that of the other actors.

    Matt is great at dramatic moments as well. This can be seen in the guest star role he played on 'The West Wing' and occasionally on Friends. For example, when Chandler reveals the results of their tests to Monica in The Fertility Test, and he subsequently hugs Monica, his arm moves up her back as if to protect her from harm, and if I'm not sobbing already, that moment is especially moving.

    Basically, Matt has it all: the looks, the talent, the natural humor trait, and, while it was not featured during Friends, he is remarkable at racquet sports. Although his character on Friends does not believe in soulmates, hopefully Matt does, and I look forward to the moment that we meet!!
  • My only reason to own a tv.

    I think Matthew is extremely gorgeous. The first time I watched "Friends" I spotted him right away as being the best looking guy on the show. Since then I have made myself a calendar with every episode circled so I don't miss one single one. I still need to see some of the full length movies that he stars in and I am positive that his acting will be the same greatest that you see in every episode of "Friends" First on my viewing list will be "Saving Sara". The I will watch the rest of his movies and will anticipate the first airing of "Studio 60".
  • He is so Amazing!

    He is so Amazing!
    I think that Matthew Perry is so great. he is my personal favorite on the show friends. He is so so funny in everything that he does. He is so hilarious in friends and he makes everything he does funny. Like his role in The Hole 9 & 10 Yards, Fools Rush In, and his role as Chandler Bing in Friends. He is just so amazing as an actor. He is also really hot. He is really sexy. I mean hes hot and talented what more could you ask for of him. He is so hilarios.
  • SImply Great

    He is without a doubt my favorite friends character. when i watch friends i might repeat a scene over and over again when its a chandler related joke. that mainly happened when i was watching "the one where pheobe runs" and the part where chandler says "but then the coffee table won't match the rest of the tables'..... ROOOSS" that was just hilarious.
    what is even more fascinating is that Matthew Perry is not just funny on friends. I recommend watching Friends on Oprah which appeared just before the series ended. Mathew cracked up every one even Oprah herself.
    Simply put he is my favorite actor of all time.
  • Matthew Perry is pure comic genius!

    Matthew Perry is pure comic genius!
    He is brilliant as Chandler Bing on Friends and any other character he plays. He can make anything funny.
    I love all the Friends characters because its the best show ever, but Chandler has to be my favourite. And thats because of the talent of the man portraying him, Matthew Perry. He is a brilliant actor who is extremely talented and cute.
    He has had his personal problems, but he hasn't let it affect his acting, which shows just how good he is.
    Chandler is absolutely hilarious, but Matthew Perry is just as funny in real life.
  • Great actor who's real career began on friends...

    Can he BE any funnyer? Matt Perry is hilarious! He makes any line funny. On Friends as Chandler he was gr8 it was like he really was Chandler Bing! Every time I see him anywhere else I just smile! I love his physical humor, charm and his ability to show emotion if he needs to ( a few episodes in Friends beleive it or not! and in the movie "Fools rush in") Honestly they shoukld give him his own show, maybe his and Monica and the twin's life in suburbia. oh yeah I can see it now Bing and the suburbs!
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