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  • Matthew Porretta was the perfect Robinhood. I don't knowwhy he ever stopped. I would like to see him appear in some simliar shows or movies. He is an awesome actor!!! Where is he and why didn't he continue his acting career? Come back Matthew!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Matthew Porretta was off to a good start in his career when he appeared in the TNT original series The New Adventures of Robinhood. I had never heard of him before until one day I decided to watch TNT's new original series that was being advertised quite often. I really came to like the show but when Matthew Porretta stop appearing on the show I stopped watching it. Matthew made that show and it was not succeesful without him. Mr Porretta needs to come back to the silver screen. He has alot of fans that want to see more of him.I have purchased thedvd of the first season of The New Adventures of Robinhood andI intend to purchase the second season when it is released. This is the only way I get to see Mr Porretta act on the silver screen. I urge him to continue his acting career. His fans miss him.