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  • Dirty Sanchez rocks and with Pritchard it's just awesome!!

    Ofcours i hope many of you know dirty sanchez , if you don't. . . well , it's kinda like Jackass but here they do way more terrible things to eachother! I just love that! Like the rivalry between Joyce and Pancho , Daiton and Pritchard is so funny but with Daiton and Pritchard it's just a thousand times worse. First Daiton picks on Pritchard with spiders , then Pritchard sprays peperspray in Daitons eyes. Pritchard gets picked on the most by Daiton and he handels it with so much fun. They only team together when they pick on Pancho with Joyce when Pancho is a sleep! It's just Hilarieus!
  • Pritchard is a stunt man in my eyes and full of crazyness However there is one person who gives him a reason to compete and that is Dainton! Will pritchards and Daintons never ending battle ever end? But who will win or a case of how long will it last?

    I learned of Matthew When flicking channels looking for something different to watch. As soon as i started to watched the maddness unfold i realised i would be a fan of the "BOYOS" for a long time. Matthew stood out as he had character and always seemed to be talked into or provoked into his next stunt. unless he asked for it. Matthew has been a street skateboarder for many years and is one of britains well known skateboarders. he always gives his fans 110% especially if there welsh! (just like me he he) I also think his never ending battle with dainton is hilarous and i feel ofr matthew as dainton is always tormenting poor matthew.