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    • Matthew allegedly wanted to become a stuntman after he jumped from his window into nearby trees. A star was born.

      Matthew began skateboarding at the age of 15.

      Matthew is often seen as the founder of Dirty Sanchez, along with Lee Dainton, with whom he filmed the skating bootleg "Pritchard vs Dainton", in this bootleg the two competed against eachother skating, but also laid the founding stones for the rest of the show "Dirty Sanchez".

      Skateboarding still occupies a large part of his life. He works in a skateboard shop, is a professional skater and performs several stunts using a skateboard in Dirty Sanchez.

      Aside from his role in Dirty Sanchez, Matthew Pritchard is also one of the most famous skateboarders in Britain. He spent some time on the Blueprint skateboard team in the late 1990s before transferring to the team he is part of right now, Death Skateboards.

      In addition to his sponsorship from Death, Pritchard is also endorsed by several other companies, namely Globe Shoes, Stimulus, Fury, Ricta, Von Zipper and Eastpak.