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  • A great actor! Pob hwyl, Cymro!

    The cast of BROTHERS & SISTERS is arguably the finest ensemble on television today, and just as arguably one of the finest ever. They are all uniformly excellent... and each stands out in his or her own way. Matthew Rhys brings a depth and complexity to his portrayal of Kevin Walker which is truly magisterial: fully three dimensional... and, unlike so many gay characters, neither campy nor fey, neither catty nor effeminate. Unlike Will on WILL & GRACE-- ostensibly the non-swishy character-- Kevin is athletic and even shows up two gun-toting Republicans in a quail hunt. (Will could be somewhat effeminate at times, which became annoying.) Mr Rhys plays Kevin with compassion and understanding: he has a keen intelligence and common sense, he is kind and considerate-- though he can also be moody, even depressive, quick to jump to conclusions and at times sarcastic. But these flaws are explored by Mr Rhys as fully as the virtues. Indeed, Mr Rhys is so good at bringing Kevin to life that there is no way of inferring what Mr Rhys' own sexual orientation actually is. Indeed, I am reasonably convinced that he is quite heterosexual in real life, and he has almost always played straight men through his career (or such of it as I have watched). All in all, Mr Rhys is a splendid actor, and his characterization of Kevin Walker is flawless. As indeed are those of his peers on this wonderful cast.
    Llwyddiant i chi!
  • Matthew Rhys currently plays Kevin Walker on Brothers & Sisters.

    It's hard for me to believe that not even a whole year ago, I had never heard of Matthew Rhys. He's so incredibly talented. I first became familiar with Matthew when I started watching Brothers & Sisters where he currently plays Kevin Walker when it started this past fall, and Kevin instantly became my number one favorite character on the show. Matthew plays the role of Kevin very, very well. He does such a good job of portraying the complexity of the role. He's always very funny when he plays Kevin, but Matthew is also very good at playing the dramatic side of Kevin. It was only a few weeks ago that I found that Matthew is Welsh. He does such a good job of speaking with an American when he's playing Kevin. I couldn't even tell that he Welsh until I saw an interview that he did for TV. All in all, Matthew Rhys is an incredibly talented actor, and I hope that Brothers & Sisters stays on the air for many more years to come so I continue to watch the character grow and involve. Even when Brothers & Sisters does end, I will definitely continue to follow Matthew's work as an actor.
  • Enjoyable to watch.

    Matthew Rhys is definitely an enjoyable actor to watch. His performance on the show Brothers & Sisters is fabulous. He plays his character really well and I love watching him on the show. He brings that humor to the show that I love seeing merely because it draws my attention to the show. I think this man has got talent and he is fairly attractive in his own way. I'd like to see him on other productions. I think he's definitely got a talent and he's fairly handsome in his own way which is adorable to see on the show.