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  • Trivia

    • In 2009 Matthew provided commentaries for the episodes Troubled Waters Parts 1 and 2 for Brothers And Sisters Season 3 DVD.

    • In 2008 Matthew provided a commentary for the episodes Home Front and Prior Commitments for the Brothers And Sisters Season Two DVD.

    • In August 2008 Matthew returned home to Cardiff, Wales, to be inducted as a druid by the National Eisteddfod. The Eisteddfod honors people and their contributions to the Welsh culture and life. Matthew will now be known, in honor of the Cardiff river, as Matthew Taf.

    • In 2008 it was rumoured that Matthew had gotten back with his former girlfriend Sienna Miller only for it to be later revealed she was dating his Brothers And Sisters co-star Balthazar Getty.

    • Matthew and his co-star Sally Field were the last actors to be cast on Brothers And Sisters.

    • Matthew is the final actor to play a murderer who was investigated by Peter Falk's Lt. Columbo.

    • Matthew had a small part in the 1998 movie Elizabeth, with Cate Blanchett, Joseph Fiennes and Christopher Eccleston, but his part in the movie ended on the editing floor.

    • Matthew has appeared in productions of Romeo And Juliet and Under Milk Wood.

    • Prior to acting, Matthew admitted that he would've been happy to have played rugby for his country.

    • Matthew came in at Number 22 for Sexiest Male in a 2008 poll gay media website Afterelton. The year before he charted in at Number 63.

    • In 2000 Matthew starred in a production of The Graduate as Benjamin along with Kathleen Turner at The Gielgud Theatre in London's West End.

    • In 2007 Matthew submitted a commentary for the episode Affair Of State for the Brothers And Sisters Season 1 DVD box set.

    • In May 2008 Matthew posed for the cover of Out magazine with Dave Annable, Greg Berlanti and William Baldwin. Matthew also appeared on the cover of The Advocate in 2007.

    • Matthew admitted in an interview with Pat Kenny on The Late Late Show that he once lived in Dublin for three months.

    • Matthew's best friend is Ioan Gruffudd. In 2007 Matthew served as one of the best men at Gruffudd's wedding, and wrote a speech for the occasion.

    • Matthew Rhys has previously worked with his Brothers And Sisters co-star Rachel Griffiths in the 2001 film Very Annie Mary.

    • Matthew was the first-ever winner of the Lady Rothemore Award. The award is given to an actor or director that has demonstrated dedication to youth, who then awards a scholarship to a financially needy acting student.

    • Matthew's last name is pronounced "Reese".

    • Matthew received training in acting at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, the prestigious school in London.

    • Matthew's first language was Welsh, which he was taught in at Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Melin Gruffydd and Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf.

    • Matthew Rhys has blue eyes, brown curly hair and is five feet eleven inches.

  • Quotes

    • Matthew: (on a recent accident): I had to rope a calf and flip it on its back. It nearly pulled me off the horse. Foolishly, I thought I was fine. I grabbed the calf and its hoof went straight into my face. I thought: 'oh my God, my teeth'. I thought I'd lost my teeth. My teeth were fine but my nose was a wreck. It was very swollen the next day and I had two black eyes.

    • Matthew: (on his character Kevin Walker in Brothers And Sisters): I share the commitment-phobic aspect of his character. There are elements of him that I love which I don't have myself. He can be very fearless when he wants to be and very brave when he needs to be, maybe because of his job. I admire him for that. But what I enjoy about playing him is that at one hand, he's this big, tough lawyer and on the other hand, he's this insecure person who has problems with relationships, commitment, finding true love and all that stuff we go through.

    • Matthew: (on playing Dylan Thomas in The Edge Of Love): He's such a Welsh hero. Everyone in Wales is like, 'Oh my God, you're going to be the person to play Dylan Thomas'. I was like, 'Stop saying that'.

    • Matthew: (on how he feels about his success): Yeah for the moment. There'll come a time when they'll say, 'He's too big for his boots. He's changed'.

    • Matthew: (on how he got into acting): I was 17 when I played Elvis in a school production and that's when I got the acting bug, which a bit sad really when you think about it [laughs.] I realised I could maybe make it into a proper job, as it were, when Ioan [Gruffudd], who I was at school with, went to RADA to train. Up until that point I'd always thought RADA was some posh place that was just for English people, but when one of our own ended up there I started to think of it as an achievable goal for someone like me so I auditioned and got in. But, having said that, there was definitely no great master plan to have a big acting career. I just drifted along to begin with. Things just evolved organically, I suppose.

    • Matthew: (on performing The Graduate on stage): I took the part with trepidation because the film was so well known. Dustin Hoffman had cast the part in stone, and here I was a young nobody trying to step into his shoes. But I made sure I did not see the film until after I finished the show.

    • Matthew: (On people's reaction to him playing gay roles): Yeah. I was a little shocked at the reaction of the press at the beginning. A lot of the questions were, you know, "Was it a problem for you to play gay roles?" Or "Were you concerned about getting typecast?" You know, I was a little confused as to why I was getting.

    • Matthew: (On spending Christmas with his family): I'm a Christmas sucker. I'm into the whole Christmas card image. I love the trees, the food, songs, drinking and the pub on Christmas Eve.

    • Matthew: (on working in America): I'm sure very soon the Americans will grow very tired of us, but God bless them for letting us work here.

    • Matthew:(on his celebrity crush) I would like to kidnap Catherine Zeta Jones, but she's taken and I don't fancy a tangle with Michael Douglas.

    • Matthew: (on living with his friend, Ioan Gruffud) It's a bit sad that we're still living together after all these years. Ioan gets upset when I say we're like an old married couple- we've even hired a cleaner...though it was more of a health-oriented decision than anything.

    • Matthew: (on women's reaction to his career) When you say, 'I'm an actor', they think you're either unemployed or living off their tax. Saying you're a fireman is best.

    • Matthew: We've kept that joke (saying 'dad's dead?!' when he is mentioned in the script of "Brothers & Sisters") going much to the annoyance of Sally and Calista (co-stars).

    • Matthew: (on the dynamic between the male cast members of "Brothers & Sisters") We keep complaining, Why don't you write more brother scenes? and they say, Because they take so long to shoot because you're like the Three Stooges.

    • Matthew: (on the cast dynamic of Brothers & Sisters) What I love is that we've sort of taken on a real family status. Sally tells us to 'shut up' whenever we get too boisterous. And Rachel and Calista, as the older sisters, laugh the first two times we tell a joke, and then tell us 'shut up' whenever we milk it.