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  • Excelent part on band fo brothers.

    Although his ability on drama films isn´t that great we have seen that what makes a great actor is the characters that he is able to create. there are actors that are good for action others for mystery, there are some that featured them self as the bad guy others as the play boy but this guy is a mixture between mystery, craziness, a little playboy part (or at least he is good with women because of his look), and can combine a toughness with a greatly friendly smile that makes the public first feeling far away from the character (and that makes them want to know it) and then giving them the opportunity of liking him and having his approval.
  • A really boring actor

    There is just something about the way this guy acts that really annoys me. When I saw him in Gossip Girl, I though I just hated his character. The old rocker, the horrible wardrobe, the necklace, his ambiguous age and bad music, but he can't control those things, but then I remembered he was into Into the West which I loved. Except he played such a major role and he was so boring. There is nothing intriguing about his portrayal of characters and he has a way of just giving the most banal performances that aren't bad, some might even qualify them as good, but overall they are just really not memorable.
  • He plays a character in the TNT original series Into the West.

    Matthew does a wonderful job taking the viewer back in time to the late 1800s when the West was just beginnig to be explored and families risked everything for adventure. He is extremely handsome and looks a lot like the Smallville actor, Tom Welling. He portrays his character well, and ties the Indian family to the Virginian family. At the end of the second episode when he came back to find his wife remarried, it was extremely moving. That happened a lot back then, but to see it on television acted out by someone made it even more real and understandible. Kudos Matthew for a job well done on Into the West.