Matthew Underwood

Matthew Underwood


4/23/1990, Fort Pierce, Florida

Birth Name

Matthew Dillon Underwood



Also Known As

Matthew Underwood
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Matthew moved out to Los Angeles from Florida at the age of 13 to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. After a few jobs in print and television ads, he was cast in the pilot of Method & Red on Fox and eventually landed the role of…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • He has a boa constrictor snake named Nikola

    • Matthew has been playing chess since the age of six.

    • Matthew has a growing interest in architecture, which he practices by designing houses with a special computer program.

    • Matthew has played tennis with The American Tennis Youth League.

    • Matthew is the Assistant Teacher of the Children's Theatre Program at the Rose Alley Theatre in Venice.

    • Matthew has been a member of the Theatre for a Difference since the very first week he moved to California. He has worked the sound and lights in several stage productions, and stage managed two plays performed by a children's group in Los Angeles.

    • Matthew once participated in a traveling company that performed The Nutcracker Ballet.

    • At age eleven, Matthew started homeschooling, because his acting career was becoming very time consuming.

    • When Matthew started first grade, he took a short hiatus from his acting career to join the advanced gifted class in one of the country's most highly respected public schools, Lincoln Park Academy.

    • By the age of two, Matthew was doing runway modeling, photoshoots for local print ads, and dancing in The Show Biz Kidz Dance Group.

    • Matthew's theatrical career started at the age of six months, when he began winning beauty and talent competitions in and around his hometown of Ft. Pierce, Florida.

    • Matthew considers himself a girl and guy magnet.

    • Matthew has brown hair and brown eyes.

    • Matthew likes to collect exotic pets. He has a one-year-old iguana named "Zim," a two-year-old spider named "E.L.F.," which means, Eight Legged Freak, a one-year-old Tokay Gecko named "Spot," a two-year-old cat named "GIR," and a twelve-week-old golden retriever named "Zeppelin."

    • Matthew's most prized possession is a pair of Harley Davidson Motorcycle boots.

    • Matthew once had a very close encounter with alligators while water-skiing barefoot in a canal in Florida.

    • The part as Troy Bolton in the DCOM High School Musical was offered to Matthew but he had to turn it down because of his contract with Nickelodeon.

    • Matthew's character on Zoey 101 was named Logan Reese. Ironically, he was also in a Reese's cereal commercial.

    • According to Matthew's Myspace, he's dating a woman named Elizabeth.

    • As of 2006, Matthew resides in California.

    • Matthew has been on a lot of dates in California. He loves going on dates and he says they're fun.

    • Matthew plays the drums. He used to play the drums for the band, Team Awesome, before they broke up.

    • Matthew's favorite movies are Be Cool and Star Wars.
      His favorite song is "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" by Jet.
      His favorite color is red.

    • Matthew is currently single. He wants to be single for a while and focus on his career.

    • Matthew used to walk around barefoot, but then stepped on a nail and hurt his foot, so he does not do that as much anymore.

    • Matthew has two brothers (that are twins) and one sister.

    • As of 2006, Matthew is 5'6".

    • Matthew's mom is Patricia Underwood.

    • Matthew enjoys acting, dancing, sports, architecture, rollerblading, skateboarding, roller hockey, ice skating, rock climbing, skim boarding, surfing, barefoot water skiing, and collecting exotic pets.

    • Matthew hates briefs. He only likes boxers.

    • On a date, Matthew usually takes a girl out to dinner and then take them to a movie. Sometimes, if they like shopping, he'll take them shopping then take them to dinner then the movie.

    • Matthew was on Access Hollywood on November 8th, 2004. He was shown in a small scene with Jamie Lynn Spears, his co-star on Zoey 101, on the set of Zoey 101.

    • Matthew was at the TeenNick premiere party for the Nick show, Unfabulous and Nick's show, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. Matthew was with the rest of the cast of Zoey 101.

  • Quotes

  • My Review of Matthew Underwood

    I loved him on Zoey 101 and thought he was cute by mostly a jerk on there, and now I am sad because he has been taking drugs and I think he has been in or is in prison.

    It's a shame that that is what he has been doing after Zoey 101 stopped, and now I have looked at pictures from him from 2012 and he's gotten gross and not cute at all.

    I hope not everyone on Zoey 101 turns out like Matthew did.moreless
  • He play's logan resse on zoey 101, he thinks that all the girls like him.

    Matthew Underwood is noticed for his role on the hit Nicklodeon show, "Zoey 101." He is a roommate of Chase and Michael that always wants to get the girls.He is a student at PCA.He is one of the best actors on that show.He is a very talented actor who should consider getting more roles on other shows and also get into actting in movies. he would be a great character for any show and any genre.He has awsome acting talents.Fanilly Matthew Underwood is a very talented actor who can play any role he is casted to.He started his career by appearing in many commericals.moreless