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  • Matthew - the weirdo. Sorry, but there is no other way to describe this strategy-less player. An undeserving final two member if I ever saw on.

    Matthew is, without a doubt, one of the weirdest, creepiest, and most undeserving Survivor final two members that has ever been. Along with Lil from Season 7, Matthew not only didn't deserve to be in the final two, but I wouldn't even have put him in the series at all!

    Matthew was so weird, that you just kept waiting for something crazy to happen, or for him to get voted out. I spent weeks watching season 6, trying to work out WHY he was even in the show. For the record, I never worked it out.

    In the boys Tambaqui tribe, he brought nothing but a convenient pawn for the likes of Rob and Alex. In the switched tribes, he became a pawn for Deena. In the merge tribe, he was an amusement, while being Rob's plaything. Matthew brought nothing to the game, no strategy, no interesting character moments, he was just a sideshow entertainment.

    I really feel resentful towards people who get into the game, earn this honor, and then waste it completely by dispaying not a scrap of strategy throughout. Matthew made it to the final two by luck, by the fact that everyone always had bigger fish to fry and because, at the last minute, Jenna knew she could win against him.

    Matthew final tribal council speeches made me absolutely cringe, and continue to do so to this day. I suppose he does win the prize for one of the weirdest guys ever, which is some kind of distinction.
  • Loved him and he should had won!

    I think Matthew was the most hard-working and also the
    Most smart and intelligent of the Surivors as he has
    Never watched the show nor knew what tree mail was at all
    Before coming on the show. Just hate that he lost to that spoiled-brat Jenna. As Matthew despite having awkward people skills, was very, very, smart.
    Speaking all of those languages must have helped out a lot!