Matthew Werkmeister

Matthew Werkmeister


1/30/1992, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Matthew Werkmeister


  • Matt Wekmeister as Zeke on Neighbours
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    • Matthew: (his fondest Christmas memory) When I was six, I woke up before anyone else and I heard Santa's bells. That year, all of our family came over to have Christmas lunch… the best Christmas ever.

    • Matthew: (on the best Christmas present he's ever received) My beloved NEMO skimboard, which I got last year. I take it to every beach I go to.

  • Ahhh, the inner working of a TV show.

    Matthew Werkmeister... I never thought I'd ever do a review on him. He is so often overlooked, that only about a 000.001 percent of Australians would know his name.

    He plays the role of Zeke Kinski in Neighbours, and has put power into this role since 2005 (the year he joined). We have watched him evolve from nerd, to rebel, to vaguely cool guy, then back to square one.

    I would be lying to say that he is my FAVORITE charcter on Neighbours, or even my favorite actor, but rest assured, he is definentley in the top ten. This review isundoubtedly dragging on, as I'm making this up as I go along (although he is in my top ten) so I'm going to end it right here.

    See Yas!moreless