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    • Matthew: (On looking like David Beckham) I don't think I'm better looking than him but I am younger!

    • Matthew: (On his long term girlfriend Joanne) We've been together five years and we met on my first job out of college which ironically was Romeo And Juliet but we weren't playing the lead roles. Joanne has a great laugh when I'm described as a heartthrob as she's seen me on my bad hair days!

    • Matthew: (On his on-screen father in Emmerdale Chris Chittell) I've really enjoyed doing scenes with Chris and I've started calling him 'Dad'. Some people on the set have said that we actually resemble each other."

    • Matthew: (On his arrival in Emmerdale) When he turns up everyone falls in love with David apart from Eric who is gobsmacked and refuses to believe that it's true.

    • Matthew: (On his love for gymnastics) I started gymnastics when I was six and I still miss it.

    • Matthew: (On his freak accident) I was training with the British squad when I came off the rings, apparatus fell on my head and damaged my lower back badly enough to prevent me ever doing gymnastics again.