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  • "I wanna be her when I grow up"

    I must have been around 10 years old when, watching Newsradio religiously, first thought "I wanna be Lisa Miller". The confidence, the strenght and the power that Maura Tierney put in that character just made sense. And I wanted to be the this cutthroat reporter, just see where I wanted to go, and start walking.
    Lisa Miller was completely awesome.
    And the same can be said about Maura Tierney. A great actress, that can do a more dramatic and conflicted rol like she did in ER, and she still can crack you up at least 20 times per episode, like she did in Newsradio.
    After all, if you can inspire a young girl to make a carrer choice by playing a part, I´ll have to say you are pretty good at what you do.
  • SHE IS AMAZING! She is so is so intruiging. I love watching her on ER every week and if she is not on ER it is not as interesting. She is good in any role she plays even if it is for a few minutes, she is just fun to watch. She should win so many awards.

    Maura Tierney is an amazing actress who is a joy to watch every week. She has so much depth.Their is a reason why the writers give her the majority of the great material ER, because she always deliver. she is so underrated. All I am going to say is this show is not going to be the same without her and ER is still my favorite shows on TV. I mean come on how many shows can go through so many cast changes and still work. The writing is so good. I will admit that it has gotten a little repetative over the years but come on it has been on 15 years and one more thing the writers better not break up Luka and Abby because they are such a joy to watch. The actors have so much chemistry.
  • Maura Tierney is an amazingly talented actress, one of such caliber that she outranks many stars who have somehow gotten more famous than she. She deserves awards and recognition for being one of the best actors of our time.

    Maura has proved herself again and again as an actor (gender-neutral term, referring to male and female actors together) who is capable of moving one to tears, yet equally capable of keeping her audience in stitches. Her dry humor and wit on such shows as "NewsRadio" and "ER" really made her stand out as one of the best comedic actors of her time. Other performance, such as "Oxygen," "ER," and "Instinct" portrayed her ability to draw her audience into her emotions, making it impossible in simply watch her. Maura makes it difficult to remain passive when watching her on television or in the movies. A Maura movie experience is more about being involved in the character's life than any other actor I know. I have literally sat on the edge of my seat during a particularly moving scene from "ER," unable to control my own reaction to the raw emotion she is somehow able to convey across time, miles, and through my television screen. Maura is also one of the few actors left who honestly has not been type-cast. She is completely versatile and has crossed many genres of material and portrayed many different characters throughout her career. She is truly multi-talented, one of the best actors of all time. I am enamored with every Maura experience.
  • She is one of the greatest!And I think the Best!:)

    She is my favourite actress, she is talented and beautiful. Her acting is natural and true, graceful, and elegant. "Maura Tierney has really helped to resuscitate 'ER'…." and I think it's true! I like her acting and I think she is the best of ER (because she is my favourite:D)! Her character is reason (for me) to watch ER every week. Abby is a good person, she has many good qualities (kind,helpful,etc...). And I love her relationship with Luka,they are a very good couple.
    And I think Maura is people's favourite, because she is a very kind person!
    It is sad that she will leave ER!:(
    MAURA TIERNEY forever!
  • Abby Lockhart

    I love Maura Tierney ..

    She is so talented .. It would be so sad if she really left ER. =(
    Now with everything going on between Luka and Abby ..
    Abby has such an attitude, its funny to watch when she is threatning Hope ... She is a really good mom , and Joe is really lucky .. !

    Maura should get an Oscar for her role as Abby .. She's almost everyones fav. They give out Walk of Fame to Johnny Depp, Britney Spears and God know who, but not Maura ? She's muuuuch better than Britney Spears,, she isn't in rehab always, she dont smoke, she dont smoke, she dont do drugs .. But Britney does , so she don deserve a Walk of Fame but Maura does, i know her drinking doesnt have anything to do with her Walk of Fame its her voice, but really , she isnt that good.
    even abby in all about christmas eve, when she sings to Haleh sings better.
  • Maura is great. She not only can handle the serious roles, but she also can tackle the funnier ones!

    Maura Tierney is my favorite actress. I am a huge fan of her ER work and I have now just discovered something else great- NewsRadio. These two shows both show two very different sides of Maura Tierney and both are great. Abby Lockhart is a somewhat depressed character who has her very serious moments, but also has an extremely sarcastic sense of humor that Maura portrayes very well. She has found a way to make Abby a character that isn't annoying because of her self-pitying ways. Lisa on NewsRadio is a very funny character that is fun to watch. Maura is really great.
  • One of my favourite actresses, Maura adds something to everything she does that is just breath - taking..

    Being a big E.r fan i've come to know her as Dr Abby.Lockhart a women who hides behind sarcasm and has only recently taken some risks and pushed forward in her future.

    Now i personally don't think that is an easy part to play but Maura pulls it of and potrays Abby with a touch of vulnerability.Although many people comment that all Abby seems to do is show sadness that can't of been easy for Maura to constantly have to pull of in difficult storylines.

    An example of her fantastic performance within E.r has to be the storyline with Abby's bipolar mother and how we found out that Abby had to grow up fast in order to look after her brother and herself.Maura potrayed abby with shielded emotions as we have come to know her until the time was right for her to let go and break down. Maura's performance throughout was breath-taking and awe inspiring.

    Maura Tierney pulls of a shielded vulnerable character inspirationally and even manages to add in sarcasm and humour, all i can say is wow that truly takes an awesome actress.
  • I love her in ER. She has a sarcastic humor every now and then. It's great!

    I love how she says things that are mean. They are mean, but she can say it to where it is just funny. Love her acting in ER. One of the best characters on the show. I can remember her quotes best because they are the ones that stay with you. I haven't seen her in much of anything else, but overall she is one of the few actresses that is my favorite.
  • Maura Tierey is beautiful, Believe it!

    I don't watch "E.R.," to see Maura Tierey, but I don't have to because I happen to fall in love with the actress. Is she beautiful? Believe it! she is one of the sexiest woman on television. I don't care what anyone saids, she is gorgous to the bone and like I said again, I'm in love with her. I got a few pictures of her at home and sometimes I look at her pictures. she is gorgous and smart and I love to meet her someday. she is hot, so hot I had to give her a 10.0. That great!
  • Not only in Brazil but the whole Southamerican Continent likes her a lot, she is talented, down to earth and so incredible gorgeous that men here are dreaming with her and women want to be their best friend. She makes the show more interesting to watch.

    I haven't seen so much talent in ages on TV, playing drama or comedy she is an extraordinary actress, very focussed in her work, she gives 110% of her being in every episode she performs as the great Dr. Abby Lockhart. She has reached a high level of performance as that character that most of the ER fans are stuck on the show because of her. She has the ability of make other performances around her look great, she makes the scenes to reach another level and that says a lot about her talent. It's incredible she haven't been more recognized from the TV and Film Academy, she has acted with such celebrities as Anthony Hopkins, Al Pacino, Cuba Gooding Jr., Sandra Bullock, Ben Affleck, Jim Carrey, and I could keep going and going...
  • Maura Tierney is the best actress knowest in Brazil. In general she looks like just one more beatiful face, but in really she is a fantastic woman, best actress and will be for a long time... Brazil loves her!!!

    In ER, she always show how you can do you work and meet new people. she always is worry about her patient and became the best!!!
    She really need the Oscar...
    I love her!!!
    pretty, smart, life lover... she ahd many bad times in the serie, and grow up...
    i don´t have words to her...
    Abby lockhart is fantastic character and chance new oldest bad idea that people had about the nurses... show a new image and need more sucess...
  • Maura Tierney is one of the best actresses to come from the US and is my absolute favourite actress in ER!

    Maura Teirney is the best thing since sliced bread!! shes is my all time favourite actress and character in ER, she is even better than the gorgous George clooney!

    i loved maura's character Abby Lockhart in ER and i think she played the part very well and managed to show sides of abby that we didnt know. my favourite seires of ER with maura in has to be the last series that was aired, series 12. Abby(maura) had issues in this series with the predicament of whether to keep her unborn child and maura's acting in these particular hard scenes was outstanding! shes the best doctor in ER and one of the best actresses around!!
  • Maura Tierney has played med student turned nurse turned doctor Abby Lockhart since February 2000.

    Maura Tierney is completely underrated. She is one of the most talented actresses of this generation. She makes the other actors performances better just by being in the scene. You can see how talented she is by just watching her expressions, her mannerisms. I think the main reason she won the Celebrity Poker Showdown in 2004 was because of her acting skills. She was able to fool everyone else and nobody was able to read her to beat her. I find it amazing how under used she is with all her talent, while Paris Hilton is getting overs left and right for being rich, while she has no talent whatsoever. What a world. Rock on Maura!
  • Mauara,is my favorite person on the show. I watch it every Thursday night here in Millington tn. There\'s time that i have to set the vcr,and watch it the next morning. She is very beautiful person while she is pregant on the show. Is she pregant in real

    The show should be number one in my book, but who i\'m to say anything. I like everyone on the show. Luca and abby make an great couple i\'m glad they found there way back to each other. And it great to see that abby is pregant with his child. When is John carter comming back to the show,hopefully really soon hes, great to. I watch the show when doctor green dies that ws very sad,i started crying and could not stop for a while. But i guess he had more things to with new movies and palying on other shows.
  • maura tierney is very talented. She can play well in a comedy and a drama. one of the best actresses of all time.

    maura tierney is very talented. She can play well in a comedy and a drama. one of the best actresses of all time.
    Dr. Abby Lockhart is a wonderful role for her and she played in a few movies. I think that her acting career should have been much bigger. To my surprise, many people in this site value her, as I do. She's a wonderful actress and deserves to have people enjoy her.
    Many people enjoy her and I hope everything works out well with her character, Abby, in ER.
    (It really should.Luka and Abby =
  • good

    I love her protrayal of Abby, she does this charecter so well, and I am thrilled they are letting the charecter be happy, She has been great in news radio and several movies to I think she is underated.. hopefully she will stick around asAbby for a while I would miss the charecter
  • Maura Tierney is by far the BEST actress I have ever seen on TV or in movies! It\'s amazing she\'s not world famous by now. She is an outstanding actress!

    I have seen many actors and actresses in the many TV shows I have watched and movies I have seen. But I have never seen an actress come even CLOSE to Maura Tierney. She is by far the BEST actress in my eyes. She is so versatile. She can do comedy or drama or anything in between and she does it all with equal conviction. She\'s beautiful too. She may not be on every magazine cover or the first person someone thinks of when asked who\'s the sexiest woman alive, but between her stunning smile, shining brown eyes, and adorable little nose, Maura has the looks to be rated 2nd in the 5 hottest women over 40 on TV (which she was! article: If she didn\'t keep such a low profile, I\'m sure she would be on top by now. People may see her as a small part in movies such as Insomnia or Instinct and think she\'s just a minor roll kind of girl, but if you truly look into her credits and really observe her acting, you too will see what I see in her. An extremely talented woman and an idol to anyone who wants to be an actress too. In short, Maura Tierney is an extraordinary actress.
  • Maura Tierney is wonderfully absorbing to watch! She emotes like none other. And she's a rare beauty, seriously.

    Maura is extremely talented; I hope to see her in a starring film role that does her justice. I first spotted her on NewsRadio and found her compelling to watch. One gets the sense that there is so much more there than we get to see. I love how her characters come across as real, unaffected, genuine. She is such a fine actress that it doesn't even seem she's acting. (inane, i know)
    I definitely see Maura's talent as being underused-but maybe that's a good thing. She is truly unique, wonderful, etc. and it's refreshing that she doesn't need to be a "LOOK AT ME" celebrity. She merits attention by skill, not personal drama.
    Of course I have to state that Maura Tierney is indeed beautiful. Not merely physically, but as a whole. (not like i know her, but from what i see)
  • She's awesome!

    i love her in er! she's so down to earth and i can easily relate to her. i was shocked to learn she's 40!! she sure doesn't look it! she plays the roll of abby unbelievably well. what a great actor she is. she needs to be in more movies. she was also great in "liar liar".