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  • Maura Tierney is wonderfully absorbing to watch! She emotes like none other. And she's a rare beauty, seriously.

    Maura is extremely talented; I hope to see her in a starring film role that does her justice. I first spotted her on NewsRadio and found her compelling to watch. One gets the sense that there is so much more there than we get to see. I love how her characters come across as real, unaffected, genuine. She is such a fine actress that it doesn't even seem she's acting. (inane, i know)
    I definitely see Maura's talent as being underused-but maybe that's a good thing. She is truly unique, wonderful, etc. and it's refreshing that she doesn't need to be a "LOOK AT ME" celebrity. She merits attention by skill, not personal drama.
    Of course I have to state that Maura Tierney is indeed beautiful. Not merely physically, but as a whole. (not like i know her, but from what i see)