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  • Maura Tierney is by far the BEST actress I have ever seen on TV or in movies! It\'s amazing she\'s not world famous by now. She is an outstanding actress!

    I have seen many actors and actresses in the many TV shows I have watched and movies I have seen. But I have never seen an actress come even CLOSE to Maura Tierney. She is by far the BEST actress in my eyes. She is so versatile. She can do comedy or drama or anything in between and she does it all with equal conviction. She\'s beautiful too. She may not be on every magazine cover or the first person someone thinks of when asked who\'s the sexiest woman alive, but between her stunning smile, shining brown eyes, and adorable little nose, Maura has the looks to be rated 2nd in the 5 hottest women over 40 on TV (which she was! article: If she didn\'t keep such a low profile, I\'m sure she would be on top by now. People may see her as a small part in movies such as Insomnia or Instinct and think she\'s just a minor roll kind of girl, but if you truly look into her credits and really observe her acting, you too will see what I see in her. An extremely talented woman and an idol to anyone who wants to be an actress too. In short, Maura Tierney is an extraordinary actress.