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  • Not only in Brazil but the whole Southamerican Continent likes her a lot, she is talented, down to earth and so incredible gorgeous that men here are dreaming with her and women want to be their best friend. She makes the show more interesting to watch.

    I haven't seen so much talent in ages on TV, playing drama or comedy she is an extraordinary actress, very focussed in her work, she gives 110% of her being in every episode she performs as the great Dr. Abby Lockhart. She has reached a high level of performance as that character that most of the ER fans are stuck on the show because of her. She has the ability of make other performances around her look great, she makes the scenes to reach another level and that says a lot about her talent. It's incredible she haven't been more recognized from the TV and Film Academy, she has acted with such celebrities as Anthony Hopkins, Al Pacino, Cuba Gooding Jr., Sandra Bullock, Ben Affleck, Jim Carrey, and I could keep going and going...