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  • One of my favourite actresses, Maura adds something to everything she does that is just breath - taking..

    Being a big E.r fan i've come to know her as Dr Abby.Lockhart a women who hides behind sarcasm and has only recently taken some risks and pushed forward in her future.

    Now i personally don't think that is an easy part to play but Maura pulls it of and potrays Abby with a touch of vulnerability.Although many people comment that all Abby seems to do is show sadness that can't of been easy for Maura to constantly have to pull of in difficult storylines.

    An example of her fantastic performance within E.r has to be the storyline with Abby's bipolar mother and how we found out that Abby had to grow up fast in order to look after her brother and herself.Maura potrayed abby with shielded emotions as we have come to know her until the time was right for her to let go and break down. Maura's performance throughout was breath-taking and awe inspiring.

    Maura Tierney pulls of a shielded vulnerable character inspirationally and even manages to add in sarcasm and humour, all i can say is wow that truly takes an awesome actress.