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  • Abby Lockhart

    I love Maura Tierney ..

    She is so talented .. It would be so sad if she really left ER. =(
    Now with everything going on between Luka and Abby ..
    Abby has such an attitude, its funny to watch when she is threatning Hope ... She is a really good mom , and Joe is really lucky .. !

    Maura should get an Oscar for her role as Abby .. She's almost everyones fav. They give out Walk of Fame to Johnny Depp, Britney Spears and God know who, but not Maura ? She's muuuuch better than Britney Spears,, she isn't in rehab always, she dont smoke, she dont smoke, she dont do drugs .. But Britney does , so she don deserve a Walk of Fame but Maura does, i know her drinking doesnt have anything to do with her Walk of Fame its her voice, but really , she isnt that good.
    even abby in all about christmas eve, when she sings to Haleh sings better.