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  • Maura Tierney is an amazingly talented actress, one of such caliber that she outranks many stars who have somehow gotten more famous than she. She deserves awards and recognition for being one of the best actors of our time.

    Maura has proved herself again and again as an actor (gender-neutral term, referring to male and female actors together) who is capable of moving one to tears, yet equally capable of keeping her audience in stitches. Her dry humor and wit on such shows as "NewsRadio" and "ER" really made her stand out as one of the best comedic actors of her time. Other performance, such as "Oxygen," "ER," and "Instinct" portrayed her ability to draw her audience into her emotions, making it impossible in simply watch her. Maura makes it difficult to remain passive when watching her on television or in the movies. A Maura movie experience is more about being involved in the character's life than any other actor I know. I have literally sat on the edge of my seat during a particularly moving scene from "ER," unable to control my own reaction to the raw emotion she is somehow able to convey across time, miles, and through my television screen. Maura is also one of the few actors left who honestly has not been type-cast. She is completely versatile and has crossed many genres of material and portrayed many different characters throughout her career. She is truly multi-talented, one of the best actors of all time. I am enamored with every Maura experience.