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  • SHE IS AMAZING! She is so is so intruiging. I love watching her on ER every week and if she is not on ER it is not as interesting. She is good in any role she plays even if it is for a few minutes, she is just fun to watch. She should win so many awards.

    Maura Tierney is an amazing actress who is a joy to watch every week. She has so much depth.Their is a reason why the writers give her the majority of the great material ER, because she always deliver. she is so underrated. All I am going to say is this show is not going to be the same without her and ER is still my favorite shows on TV. I mean come on how many shows can go through so many cast changes and still work. The writing is so good. I will admit that it has gotten a little repetative over the years but come on it has been on 15 years and one more thing the writers better not break up Luka and Abby because they are such a joy to watch. The actors have so much chemistry.