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    Here are the submission guidelines for Janet Hubert-Whitten's person guide.


    Trivia is any small detail about the person. Additionally, make sure it is still notable and pertains to the subject. Please use proper grammar when submitting trivia. Example:

    Good Example:

    Janet Hubert-Whitten has the bone disease, osteoporosis.

    Bad Example:

    Janet does not enjoy loud yelling. (Non-notable)

    Janet don't work at The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air no more. (Bad grammar)


    This is the exception where copy/paste submissions are allowed. Make sure you have a reputable source for any quote, as a false quote could be considered libel. Additionally, formatting is very important when it comes to quotes. Additionally, you must use the appropriate HTML tags, as the submission form is not WYSIWYG. Here are some examples:

    Good Example:

    Janet: I like ice cream.

    Bad Example:

    "I like ice cream."


    Please make sure you get all your information for a person the first time, as repeatedly submitting different data is considered gaming. Additionally, make sure any biographical information is well sourced.


    Please be civil and read the Terms of Use before posting.

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