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    Hi Folks,

    I recently visited Disney's theme park, California Adventure, and during that visit I went on the Tower of Terror ride. The ride is themed around the show The Twilight Zone. As part of that theme there is an intro showing clips from the show and new film and voice over work to tell a story. The voice was spot on Rod Serling, but some/most of it couldn't have been Serling since he died more than 30 years ago. Has anyone else here been on that ride? If so, do you think it was our good friend Mo who provided the Serling voice? I ask because it seemed so close to the voice of the Scary Door narrator from Futurama.

    Incidentally, whenever the narrator said "The Twilight Zone", I couldn't help but hear "The Scary Door" in my head.

    Anyway, I doubt I'll get a good response here since this forum is so... um... less visited than others. If you happen to read this, and have good input, I'd appreciate a response.

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