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  • This guy is a king!!!

    I am a big fan of Maurice LaMarche. I like his voice and also it matches of the charater Brain from Pinky and the Brain. I really didnt know he did some voices on the commercials like Fruit loops and Willy Wonka. Its sad that he did some voice in the terrible show My Gym Parenr`s A Monkey. If I had one wish I wish that I had the voice of Maurice LaMarche, that would be I dream come true. I love Maurice LaMarche as much as Rob paulsen, Jess Harnell, Tress Macneille, Tara strong, and Tom kenny. I hope he can make a differance on the dumb shows like what I mention already.
  • YES!!!

    Maurice LaMarche is the Brain from "Pinky and the Brain"! It's hard to see why he shouldn't have any reviews! He's great! He even won an Annie Award for the voice of Brain in 1998! Right now, flowing through my head is his infamous line, "Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?" Well, I know what I'm pondering: He should have roles on Nickelodeon, just like his "Pinky and the Brain" colleague Rob Paulsen does! In commercials, Maurice does the voices of Toucan Sam and Willy Wonka! Maurice LaMarche is such a talented and underrated voice actor! YES!!!