Maury Povich

Maury Povich


1/17/1939, Washington, D.C., USA

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Maury Povich has graced our television sets for over 35 years.Maury is the son of Shirley Povich the infamous sports columnist for the Washington Post. Maury had the inevitable destiny of being a journalist. Maury married Connie Chung, another journalistic legend, in 1984. Maury graduated from the University…more


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    • Maury Povich: Well, if you hang around Charles Barkley a lot, you realize that it just may not be his hobby of choice.

    • Maury Povich: His leads would be: The Redskins came on the field in their colors, burgundy, gold and Caucasian. Or Jim Brown of the Cleveland Browns integrated the Redskins end zone three times. That's how he would do it.

    • Maury Povich: I wanted the public throughout the country to get a taste of him. Those of us in Washington, who grew up with him, knew all about him. He wrote for 13 presidents, for crying out loud.

    • Maury Povich: Paul has been a very integral part of the success of this program. We are energized about the upcoming season and I feel confident that under Paul's leadership we will continue to grow the show and further expand our audience.

    • Maury Povich: (regarding his purposal to Connie) About six weeks later, she called because she had found a dress. And then she said yes.

    • Maury Povich: It was the roughest time in my life. Connie helped me through it.