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  • Versatile actor with solid foundation and look. He really got the attitude.

    I first seen him in the show called 'The Unit'. A soldier wearing beard. That's how hardcore he's in the battlefield. He's not too big of a guy. He's strong physically and mentally. And Abusive at times..

    He doesn't need much talking. Only his angry look and staring worth million words. Oh boy! This guy can really get angry. The only thing that he's lacking of is the southern accent. However, he was able to pull out some Irish and Australian accent in the show. He speaks fluent Italian as well because of his ancestry. Off the screen he's a very very happy guy. Nothing like in the show.
  • Max Martini is the kind of person most others envy. He posseses the kind of talent that it takes others years to master, gives his time to important causes and chats up his fans on his website.

    Not many actors employed today take the time to answer fan questions and joke around with them. But Max Martini does this on a regular basis. His fans are solidly in his corner and no special ops team can move them.

    Max also is a champion for Cure Autism Now and other worthy and vital causes. He willingly gives his time to make the world a better place for his two kids. Max Martini is one of the All-Time Greats and will be around a long, long time.