Max Perlich





3/28/1968 , Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Birth Name




Max Perlich is an American film and TV actor who was born March 28, 1968, in Cleveland, Ohio. Perlich and his family relocated from Cleveland to Los Angeles in 1972. The actor dropped out of high school after the tenth grade, and landed his first minor role in Ferris Bueller's Day Off shortly after. As a teen, Perlich usually played the role of a lackadaisical juvenile delinquent. Television and film shows that Perlich played small roles in as a teen include Can't Buy Me Love, Plain Clothes and Lost Angels. As he grew out of the teenage roles, Perlich continued playing the same type of slacker, bad boy who helped earn him fame. His adult bad boy roles include minor parts in the movies Blow, Cliffhanger and Rush. In addition to his film career, Perlich also has appeared on several recurring roles on American TV shows including Buffy the Vampire Slayer and My Names is Earl.