Max Pirkis

Max Pirkis


1/6/1990, London, England, UK

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Max Pirkis


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Max Pirkis is relatively new to both the small and big screen. Born in England to a publisher (his mother), he was going to Eton College in England until the filming of Rome began. Max is an instrumental person, playing the violin since he was 6 years old,…more


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    Born in 1989, Max Pirkis performed in several school plays before winning his first role in a motion picture, as the ultra kind and friendly Midshipman Lord Blakeney in the blockbuster Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003) starring Russell Crowe, reading for the part alongside Max Benitz (Benitz auditioning for Midshipman Calamy). Max currently lives in London with his mother (a publisher), father (a stockbroker) and little sister, enjoys cricket and football, plays violin and saxophone and has two dogs. If you want to know more about Max Pirkis you can visit his fanste at http://maxpirkis.commoreless
  • New talent.

    I must say, Max Pirkis is definetly one of the reasons I watch Rome (good show gowatchgowatch) I haven't had a chance to see Master and Commander, so I can't tell how well he did at that, but from what I see on Rome, this kid's definetly going somewhere.

    Playing the young Octavian, I think he does a spledid job portraying him (Sad, it's only got one more season left!)

    I have not a doubt that he'll be in more movies quite soon.

    And, you know...his good looks help too =p

    A lot of people haven't heard of this guy (which is reasonable considering he only has two acting credits) but he's one to look out for the in the future, definetly.moreless