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  • 4/21/14

    It was great. But I read in the TV Guide (Matt's pick, p.45) that Norman will steal Norma's corpse. Please don't kill off Norma or Dylan. Have Dylan meet a good girl, he is the greatest. If Norman has to steal anybody corpse have him get Miss Watson. You killed off Zack and that was a very bad call. Maybe you could have his evil twin brother come in for a couple of episodes. How about having Norma and Romano get together instead of George. PLEASE DON'T KILL OF DYLAN OR NORMA.
  • empty

    I love Max. I think Catch That Kid was ok, The Pacifier was better. And then he's in The Astronaut Farmer. Every movie he's in, he seems to get better. I can't wait to see more of his movies.
  • Really Talented and Insanely Hot!

    I love both Catch that Kid and the Pacifier. Max Thieriot is smoking hot and also really talented. I was very impressed with him in the Pacifier. I also listened to his commentary on Catch That Kid and He was really funny and just really normal not at all rockstar snobby. I can't wait to see some more of his work, and I really hope he gets his own show or something like that.
  • Absolutely Adorable!

    I absolutely love Max! I think he's a great actor and is very, very hott! Two thumbs up to his starring role in "the pacifier"! I really hope to see him in other movies soon. Although, I would much prefer to meet him in person! Don't we all? (Hee. hee.)