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    • Max: It can't be awkward-I think an awkward kiss just blows it. Like if someone kisses too fast or too intense, it's kinda weird! I don't even think you necessarily have to French kiss to make it good.

    • Max: It was really interesting to me because you do this, and then you don't really know what to expect, you know. And I thought the final cut was awesome, you know, seeing all these pieces put together, it was a lot of fun.

    • Max: I met with a singing coach two times before I came to Toronto , so that helped. And then we prerecorded the actual singing, so in the film I'm sort of singing along with myself, which I found makes it much easier.

    • Max: (about his co-star) It was awesome. He's a really cool guy, we were always telling jokes and playing videogames and stuff on the side when we weren't working.

    • Max: (about the duck from The Pacifier) It was just kind of always just hanging out on the set and it wasn't potty trained, which was kind of a hassle every once in a while.

    • Max: (about Vin Diesel) He really helped me work on scenes. And we would go to his trailer and we'd go over things over and over again and we'd pretty much analyze everything and figure out what needed to be done here and how this needed to be said. And that was really important and helpful for me.

    • Max: I think that's what we're rebelling against and also the older kids are trying to work through their pain about their father by just acting out and going a bit crazy. By the end of the movie Vin 's character kind of shows us that we can have respect for ourselves, we can have confidence in what we want to do, and be sad about our dad without having to be so rebellious.

    • Max: (about Vin Diesel) I'd watch his movies and stuff, and it's funny because when you see people on the screen, you get an image of them that can be so different when you meet them. To be honest, I almost expected a kind of robot.

    • Max: I play the role of Seth, the oldest son and I also am a rebel.

    • Max: (when asked about donkeys) They're alright. They're noisy, but they're not as bad as the llamas!

    • Max: It was kind of weird because I really don't like singing at all. I'm terrified of singing in front of people!

    • Max: All the cameras were kind of overwhelming at first. But after the sixth interview, you get into the routine of saying the same things over and over again. It's almost like your mouth is just talking!

    • Max: The duck that bit Vin--it was really funny because it actually made him bleed when it did it, and it was really funny cause like the whole time they're like you know the duck's not going to make him bleed, and da-da-da-da-da and like it bit him and he was bleeding and it was hilarious.

    • Max: (talking about Vin) He's the coolest, always wanting to play video games!

    • Max: I want to thank everyone who voted for me! This is my first award and I am honored and way psyched to be getting it. I want to thank you all, the fans, for all your support. I also want to thank Popstar! Your magazine is rad!

    • Max: (when asked if was a daredevil) I actually used to be a lot worse. I used to do flips snowboarding, but when I was 12, I cracked my head open trying to do a front flip. Back flips are a lot easier, but I knew this guy who was really good at front ones, so I figured I would try it. I landed weird and my board ended up hitting me in the back of the head. It was pretty gnarly! My dad was there to take photos of the flip, which would've been really cool, but instead he got pictures of me being taken away on a sled with a big bandage around my head.

    • Max: (when asked what he sees first in the morning) A surfboard, I have, like, seven of them. There's a rack right above the head of my bed where I store them - actually, there's a snowboard there right now.

    • Max: (on working with Vin Diesel) I don't know, I was kinda nervous at first like what he was going to be like and if he was going to have this huge ego and stuff like that. But it's not at all like that.

    • Max: I went to the Dumb and Dumberer premiere. I didn't do the whole red-carpet thing; I just walked around it and went inside and watched the movie.

    • Max: I'm a dog person; my family has three dogs. We also have four or five horses, quite a few cats, donkeys, and a couple of llamas. But I don't really like the llamas. They stink and all they do is try to spit on you.

    • Max: Well, surfing is pretty intense. I learned in Northern California, where I grew up. It's freezing cold water there, so you have to wear a really thick wetsuit with a hood and booties. Plus, it's a breeding ground for great white sharks. I've had buddies who've gotten hit and knew one girl who got bit.

    • Max: (about seeing himself in movies) It almost seems like it's not really me. If you screw up, you see the tiniest little mistake that no one else will see. You'll totally be like, 'Wow, that sucks, I hope nobody else notices!'

    • Max: (about dying his hair) They bleached it a ton of times for the movie, I'm surprised I still have hair left!

    • Max: At first, I didn't like coming down to Los Angeles at all. It's like everything's black and white compared to where I live out in the middle of nowhere. There's like 400 people in my town!