Max Walker

Max Walker


12/30/1986, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Birth Name

Marcus Walker



Also Known As

marcus, Max
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Max Walker was born on December 30 1986. He was born and raised in Montreal Quebec. Max has appeared in all three seasons of 15/Love as a main character Squib Furlong. He appeared in Further Tales of the City as Jack (2001), The Def Leppard Story (2001), Going…more


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  • other than being amazingly hot, he is a GREAT actor.

    Starting off on 15/love Squib is the bratty annoying type. Max played the character so well, he was the person you loved to hate. I dont think that the squib character wouldnt be as loved as it is if Max's acting talents were as good as it is. Max turned from a geeky kid to a sexy grown man and hes way too cute. I can see Max going on to many good things in his life and acting career. Cody and Squib will forever be my favorite couple on the show however the show takes their lives. Max is great and thats all there is.moreless
  • Max is currently playing the character Gary "Squib" Furlong for a third season. He also appeared Further Tales, The Def Leppard Story, Going for Broke, Hotel de l'avenir, and Delta State- Virus.moreless

    Max Walker is an incredible actor. He plays Gary "Squib" Furlong perfectly. The character wouldn't be that great if some else played him. He makes acting seem so easy. He really is talented. I have to give him a perfect 10 because he's so awesome! He is one of my favorite actors from 15/Love and one of my favorite actors of all time! Did I mention that he's hot?!. because he is! I'm glad that there was a third season because I would be really sad if I couldn't see him again in 15/Love. Hopefully there will be a forth season!moreless