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  • Maxwell Atoms is an American animator, the creator of Cartoon Network's animated television series The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

    Maxwell Atoms is an totally awesome and a genius in cartooning! He is one of my most favorited cartoonists ever! I wonder why he decided to cancel his creation, "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy". It was a great show. I don't understand why he cancelled it. It was Hilarious! It was Creative! It was Smart! He's one of the few creaters/writers that has broken the fourth-wall. Not many cartoon writers do that. He says he has another series coming, but I think he should stick to Billy and Mandy.
    Maxwell really shows alot of talent. He kind of reminds me. I started drawing/cartooning when I was also 3. According to Atoms, his inspirations in cartooning started in school with surrealism, influenced by monster movies and old Saturday morning cartoons. I was influenced by cartoon shows, animated and action films.

    Maxwell Atoms has something going and should continue on what he's doing.
  • One of the most sadistically gifted cartoonists around

    Maxwell Atoms (a.k.a. Adam Burton) sure is a pretty interesting person. He's created some pretty odd, but cool characters in his shows (Jeff the Spider from Billy and Mandy). Most cartoons around now don't have any cool or funny characters. Almost everything he puts into his work is both original and funny. He's probably just about the most creative cartoonist around nowadays, having created, in my opinion, the most creative show on Cartoon Network: The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Without Billy and Mandy, Cartoon Network would be nothing.

    Of course, Evil Con Carne was another cool show he made. I was so disappointed when CN stopped showing it. I could not figure out why it was cancelled. That show rocked.

    What I liked about both shows is that they were both disturbing. There's just something evil about them. It makes them both cool. I love his dark humor. Plus, he is not afraid of potty humor, which he uses effectively. Most cartoonists aren't good with gross humor.

    Point is, he created two of my favorite cartoons of all time and I hope he continues. With all the other lame cartoons on now, the animation world desperately needs the talents of Mr. Atoms.
  • What would you get if you took Butch Hartman and made him eat 700 pounds of sugar? I don't know, but he still wouldn't be this crazy.

    Here is the recipe for Maxwell Atoms (results may vary):

    1 tablespoon Adam Burton
    386 cups of sugar
    12 liters of Coca Cola
    1 internationally known brainchild

    Stir gently

    Bake for 5 minutes at 300 degrees

    Allow to cool

    Serve with a smile (or a frown if you're Mandy)


    Okay, now on to seriousness....

    Maxwell Atoms is the creator of possibly the most known and most amusing cartoon of our time. He actually made two cartoons (which aired together for a while) but they seperated and one eventually flopped, leaving the other one the acclaimed victor.

    What made his show such a success? Who knows? But if I were to guess, it's probably the same reason why Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, South Park, and Jessica Simpson are successes too:

    Stupidity sells.
  • This guy Inspired me to make shows.

    Maxwell Atoms is an Inspiration. His Show The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy Was awesome with good humor. When I get a Job and, maybe, say the person inspired me was Maxwell Atoms. He also has a good voice in his Cartoons Like Jeff the Spider in The Grim adventures of billy and Mandy. This reiview should\'t need 100 words because I just descirbed what I said. I Hope Maxwell Atoms Makes more cartoons in the futer (ugh I need to learn how to spell that word)

    Great Voice
    Made a very funny show
    Cool guy

    Has only one active show

    Maxwell Atoms Is cool I hope that he contiues With More Shows in the futer.
  • He has made his name known.

    This guy has done some work. He's made a great name for himself by making Billy and Mandy. The show always makes me laugh and I admire his artwork. What a fine piece of work he has done. Good job, Maxwell(or should I say, Adam) You have done excellent work.
  • Better than Butch Hartman

    Maxwell Atoms is the best creator ever. He brought "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" to Cartoon Network. Finally, something to perfectly replace "The Fairly Oddparents". His real name is Adam Burton. I assume he could be a relative of Tim Burton. What would happen if both of these guys work together for "Billy and Mandy". They'll make the series more terrifying than ever.
  • Creator of Fred Fred Burger.

    Maxwell Atoms did make some really great shows and characters, and some are just down right stupid characters. But the most stupid of them all is not Billy, it is Fred Fred Burger. That song is STILL stuck in my head. Good job making a really annoying character Maxwell. Just hope he doesn't appear agian.