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  • Golden Talent...

    I just began to watch SNL and would have love to see way way more of Maya Rudolph. I didn't know who she is but, now i do. Was loving her acting. Love, Love, Love Up all night. Maya Rudolph is a talented actress! I just learned she is the daughter of Minnie Ripperton. Some kind person left me the C.D Unsong on my door .... It is a beautiful auto biography of Minnie Ripperton and her soul mate husband who i see, where very blessed! . ( i seen it four times son far) Loving you is easy cause your beautiful!! Now i know who Maya Rudolph is. Shes comes from awesome talent, not to mention a beautiful spirit of a mother and a father. Im now a big fan of Maya Rudolph! Thanks for sharing the life of the first of the biggest stars. Minnie was and will always be the biggest diamond of soul music. Loving you, takes me back to the good old days of high school. Its one of my all time favorite songs! Now im a proud owner of Minnie Rippertons Unsong. Im gonna love sharring it to others. Now i know the Rudolphs-Rippertons. Love Rudy Mora...Los Angeles.....
  • Two seasons too late...

    Maya Rudolph. The actress of SNL. The latest one to depart from the show.

    Speculation, speculation, speculation. Was she a good actress on the show? Was she plain obnoxious?

    This doesn't count as a part of my SNL review summer tour. The Brady/Beck review will go on as planned.

    Maya Rudolph joined SNL in late 2000, during the twilight of the 25th season of SNL. She was found in the Groundlings. Many have questioned her ethnicity, if she's white, controversially playing African Americans, or if she is an African American. Others (*Cough* Paris Hilton *cough*) have thought she was Italian. But, yes, she is African American. Now, please don't send hate mail to me for touching this subject. Maya's cultural background enabled her to play anywhere from White, to African American, to Latina, to Asian.

    But, on to her acting. I've only seen her last few years during her stint on SNL. Many dislike her with passion, because of her obnoxious characters/singing sketches. I never thought Maya was obnoxious, but I do have to say her singing sketches were very annoying at times. But, I do have to put the National Anthem singing sketch (10/28/06 episode) aside from the rest. That was hilarious.

    Many thought Maya was a horrible, obnoxious actress, while I thought she was just doing her job. Acting. Did she overstay her welcome?

    Yes, and no. Rudolph did not get annoying and stale, like past actors on the show, such as Horatio Sanz. But, I felt that her need to fit into the 2006-2007 season and 2007-2008 wasn't all right.

    One thing I have to remember is that you can't judge a person on how they act. They are probably a nice person. Rudolph was a good actress, and a nice person.

    Now, let's get to Maya's wierd end to SNL. We all expected her to "GET OUT" after the 32nd season finale. But, nope, she played a little game on the week before the 33rd season premiere. "I'm Staying. I'm Leaving. I'm staying. I'm crazy."

    I will admit, when she first said she was leaving, I had a huge swing of reaction. At first, I was very sad. I thought "I want the cast to stay the same." but then I realized "new cast member...?" But, then she said she's staying. Eventually, we all found out she was staying.

    But, the wierdest ending was when she didn't come back after the WGA 2007 strike. Honestly, when I found out she left, I wasn't saddended at all. I was looking forward to Casey wilson, the new actress.

    But, now that I watch syndication episodes, I realize "I miss Maya." I'm not like on the verge of crying to get her back. I like the current cast as it is, and I'm not going to dwell in the past.

    Maya, I hope to see you cameo/host soon, but no too soon.