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    • Mayim doesn't typically watch Blossom re-runs. She feels uncomfortable and embarrassed watching herself on TV.

    • Mayim has talked about how she and Blossom co-star Jenna von Oy used to talk and "giggle" about the handsome men on the show. Mayim's biggest crush from the set was Michael Stoyanov, who played her oldest brother Anthony.

    • While starring in Blossom, Mayim appeared in 4 of NBC's public service announcements, The More You Know. Her topics were: stay in school, teacher recruitment, a teacher tribute, and sexually transmitted diseases.

    • Mayim earned her Bachelors degree from UCLA in Neurophysics, Jewish, and Hebrew. She plans to go back to pursue her PhD in Neuroscience.

    • Mayim sticks to a regulated high protein, low carbohydrate diet for the most part, but on occasion, will indulge in her favorite "Comfort foods", oven baked chili-cheese fries, and quesidillas.

    • Mayim takes a part in helping the homeless in her area, by taking part in the food and clothing drives each year.

    • Mayim takes an active interest in protecting wildlife. As a member of an adoptive endangered pet organization, she has donated money to help save a whale and a wolf.

    • Mayim would like to study Marine Biology one day, but for now is happy to become involved in the issues that concern the environment and coastal communities.

    • Mayim credits her brother with her growing up as a tomboy. She enjoyed all sports, especially playing: basketball, softball, football, and running.

    • Myim neutralizes her excess energy by doing sit-ups every morning and evening, swimming laps, and doing leg lifts while she reads or watches television. She avoids elevators and automobiles, opting to walk and take the stairs.

    • Mayim dances Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Hip-Hop.

    • Mayim performed with the magic hoops in Circus Of The Stars #14 in 1989.

    • Mayim was nominated for the 'Young Artist Award' from 1989 through 1993, winning it in 1989 for her role as the young Bette Midler in Beaches.

    • Mayim appeared in Michael Jackson's short film His-story, in the video for "Librarian Girl".

    • Mayim was the music director for the UCLA Jewish A Capella group called 'Shir Bruin'.

    • Mayim was accepted at both Harvard University and at Yale, but chose to attend UCLA to stay close to her parents that live in Los Angeles.

    • Mayim started playing piano at age six, trumpet at age ten, and bass guitar in her teens.

    • Her first name means "water" in Hebrew.

    • She's an accomplished dancer. She and "Blossom" (1991) co-star, Jenna von Oÿ took lessons in between breaks in the filming season.

    • Had a baby boy on October 11, 2005

    • Attended Ardsley High School, in Westchester, NY, the same school that "Summerland" star Jesse McCartney attended.

  • Quotes

    • Mayim: (on not being considered beautiful while filming "Blossom") They told me that my face looked like a shield, and that I had a series of mismatched features. It was very hurtful. I'm almost 30 years old, and I've never forgotten the exact words.

    • Mayim: (her advice for today's young stars) Do as much learning and living outside of the industry as possible. Help those in need and volunteer as a person, not a celebrity. Studying something of value can also be very empowering and helpful.

    • Mayim: I come from an immigrant family, where going to college is one of the most important things you can do, so I always wanted to go to college. I was two years out of high school when Blossom ended, so I was ready. Also, to be on a sitcom in 1994 was not a popular way to have an acting career. Offers for movie and stage roles didn't come pouring out. So, unless I wanted to do another sitcom, I needed to take a break.

    • Mayim: (in 2009, when asked if her children watch "Blossom") They don't watch TV at all, so it will be a long time before that happens. [My oldest son] Miles has no idea that I was on TV. He thinks that every mama has a doll made of her!

    • Mayim: (on her breakout TV role) I have the Blossom doll, which my oldest son plays with. He calls it the Mama Doll. What he doesn't know is that Mama used to be an actor!

    • Mayim: (when asked if she stays in touch with her "Blossom" co-stars) Not really. We were all young when the show ended, and we went our separate ways. But of course, everyone I knew called me when Joey Lawrence was on Dancing With the Stars!

    • Mayim: Hollywood is a hard world for grown-ups, so it's a really hard world for a kid. Rejection was rough. It still is. I'm working overtime as a mom right now, but I would love to do another sitcom eventually. I'm interested to see if I'm the kind of child star who can make it as an adult.

    • Mayim: It sure was hard to break out of the 'Blossom' persona with my audience, but I THINK I have finally done so. People are actually starting to call me Mayim, instead of 'Blossom', but they STILL ask me where Joey is, like I know.

    • Mayim: Giving birth to my son was a beautiful experience. The pain was forgotten as soon as I held him up and looked into his eyes, I never wanted our first encounter to end.

    • Mayim: Exercise is fun for me, It keeps me healthy and feeling good. I think sports are really important for kids, it keeps them happy and healthy.

    • Mayim: I know a lot of people that think they are overweight when they really aren't. Sometimes we get a distorted picture of what is beautiful, a lot of times it's a thin body, but some people can't and shouldn't achieve that.

    • Mayim: I consider myself a spiritual person, I'm a real thinker. I think answers to life are simple-just enjoy it as much as possible.

    • Mayim: When I was in Ballet, I learned to stand up straight and keep my tummy tucked in. It was a real way of life. It made me see how important it is to have patience and tolerance when it comes to staying in shape.