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McFly is a British pop rock band who came into the music industry in 2004 and consist of Danny Jones - Vocals/Guitar, Tom Fletcher - Vocals/Guitar, Dougie Poynter - Bass/Vocals, and Harry Judd - Drummer. There were originally signed to Universal Records but left that label and created…more


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  • McFly is a british pop rock band that has 4 young lads that write all their own music, play their insturments, and support charities. McFly have had an outstanding 7 number one singles, some number one albums, and several sold out arena tours.moreless

    This band is seriously underrated in the world! I personally can't wait to see what will happen with they break the USA. They have popularity all over the world and their songs are original and catchy! Who wouldn't want to listen to good music? I'm a MASSIVE fan! They started off in the UK, and have already done shows in Brazil, South Afria - for the Miss World Pageant 2008, and Austrailia. They tend to sell out every show that have because they are just that good! Their music ranges for pop to rock. They have a song for every type of person. They recently left their record label and created a label themselves! They have complete creative control now and they keep amazing all their fans!moreless
  • oh how can u not like mcfly they the greatest band of all time!

    yes thier from the uk but the brillant! they been in japan because they had fans thier an although they lived in the uk they still went to see those fans that one thing i think american could start to think about!

    mcfly hav had so many hits ova time an hav topped busted then busted split so mcfly were unbeliveable busted split aprantly because usa did not acbect them but we thought they were great i jus hope mcfly dont the same thing it best steer clear of that country an la because they simply would not be good enough they have hav the best thier people who have been in the biz from childhood wich i think is pathic!

    i one day like to meet mcfly i think they brilant i know they like blink 182 an it was dream when they meet them but they are betta them them rock on mcfly!moreless