McKayla Maroney

McKayla Maroney


Aliso Viejo, California, U.S.

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McKayla Rose Maroney


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McKayla Maroney is a US gymnast who won a gold medal in the women's all-around team final at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Maroney made her competitive debut at the 2009 Visa Championships.


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    • McKayla: I like comedy, I like romantic stuff. I think the movie 'Easy A' is super cute and I love Emma Stone, she's an amazing actress and I love how she does all different sorts of things, and that's what I'd like to do. I'm not one kind of person, and that's the whole thing about being an actress, being able to play all different kind of roles.

    • McKayla: A lot of famous people have been tweeting us, and it's just really cool to know that the whole world is watching, no matter if they're famous or not. We got tweeted by Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga...all sorts of people who we love so much.

    • McKayla: When I was younger, I would be watching Tarzan and running around on all fours. My mom was like, 'I need to put this child in gymnastics. She's crazy'.

    • McKayla: (on the look she gave when she recieved the silver medal at the Olympics) I was up and I heard the national anthem playing for a different country and in my head I was like, 'I wish that was my national anthem.' I did it for like two seconds, and that's what happened.