McKenzie Westmore

McKenzie Westmore


4/26/1977, San Fernando Valley, California, USA

Birth Name

McKenzie Kate Westmore


  • McKenzie Westmore on Face Off.
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Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, Mckenzie was the third child of makeup artist Micheal Westmore and wife Miriam. Her first feature film appearance came at the age of 3 when she played Robert DeNiro's (as Jake LaMotta) daughter in the Oscar-winning Raging…more


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    • McKenzie: I get a lot of heart-warming letters. And then there are also those creepy, older men... I like to leave those alone.

    • (About what she missed the most about Passions)
      McKenzie Westmore: Aside from the cast and crew, I definitely missed getting to play Sheridan. She's such a fun character. I love what James Reilly has created, and I especially love what I'm portraying right now.

    • McKenzie Westmore: I watched the show three times while I was away. I tried to catch up here and there. I ended up having to get prepped by our acting coach because she keeps up with all the storylines. We had a two hour conversation to completely fill me in on my story. It was a little weird to see someone else playing Sheridan, but Kam (Heskin) did such an amazing job.
      (About whether she watched Passions while on maternity leave)

    • (Talking about her favorite storylines)
      McKenzie Westmore: There have been so many... I loved the very first tango. I loved all the stuff of Luis and Sheridan running around in Paris together. One of my other favorites storylines was Luis and Sheridan on the island where they found the buried treasure. Luis got hurt and then we played the past life of the pirates.

    • (About being a new mom)
      McKenzie Westmore: I love being a mother. It's a whole new world, and it's a welcome change because Maddox makes it all worth it. Everything about him amazes me.

    • (About her return to Passions following the birth of her son)
      McKenzie Westmore: The best thing about being back at Passions is the cast and the crew. I missed everyone so much. That was probably the hardest thing about being away. It's like a little family here, and it felt like a little piece of me was torn away. So it's good to be back with my "family."