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  • She is spoiling the show, minority report

    She doesn't know how to act and I guess the directors also know this. The ratings of such a nice show are down because of her but they want to save this actress at the cost of this show
  • I don't see why people like her.

    She isn't talented. All she does is stand around and TRY to look attractive. The way she delivers her lines are terrible. How many people did she sleep with to get an acting career? Because she damn sure can't act.

    Maybe she is an inspiration for young ladies that can't act. If she got a career as an actress, anyone can (If you sleep with the right people of course). I love Aaliyah, but if they cast Meagan Good to portray's like defecating on her memory. We can do better than Meagan Good. Hell, just about anyone can do better than Meagan Good.
  • Meagan Monique Good (born August 8, 1981) is an American film and television actress

    Meagan Good is one of the most beautiful, gorgeous and sexiest actresses ever to be put on screen. Shes very talented and is best knowned for her role in the television sitcom, "Cousin Skeeter".

    She has starred and guest-starred in many other televison series, such as: "My Wife in Kids", "The Steve Harvey Show", "The Famous Jett Jackson", "House" and many others.

    Shes shows her sexyness in some of the most popular movies some of the pop-artist's videos we all know today. "Videos"

    "One" - Tyrese, "21 Questions" - 50 Cent ,"This Very Moment" - K-Ci & JoJo, "Black Suits Comin'"- Will Smith, "No Doubt" - Imajin, "Do My" - Memphis Bleek, "I Got You" - Lil Johnny, "Get Wit Me" - 3rd Storee, and "Single For the Rest Of My Life" - Isyss.


    "Friday"."House Party 4: Down to the Last Minute","Biker Boyz", "Deliver Us from Eva ","D.E.B.S.", "You Got Served ","The Cookout ","Venom ","Roll Bounce ","Waist Deep", "Stomp the Yard","One Missed Call", and many others.

    She's a very talented attractive and stunning young woman.
  • This girl is so pretty.

    Okay so she was on my favorite show when i was younger which was couin skeeter. Man how i loved that show. Then she was in all kinds of different movies which made her very popular and guest starred on stuff like bet that stands for black entainment tv. Was on stuff like punk'd and did a lot of comercials. Notice a lot because she is pretty. Done a lot and continues to do a lot and keeps her self busy which i respect. Can dance a little bit but i wonder if she can sing but i'm not sure.
  • Amazing.

    Meagan you have come a very long way from any kind of roles such as the girlfriend in cook out to playing your role in Waist Deep. I have always liked you, not only are you beautful but very talented you have a sazziness that fits you and your roles. You really won my heart over in Waist Deep. You were excellent as you shared the spot light with Tyrese. In addition, I saw you last night on House and was overwhelmed how versatile you are and able to flip roles. I see a bright and great future for you!
  • 9.9
    Born in Panorama City, California on August 8, 1981, Meagan Monique Good was groomed to be an actress almost before she could walk. By the age of 4, she was appearing in commercials; as she reached her preteens while growing up in Valencia, California, Meagan was already credited in episodes of On Our Own and Gabriel's Fire.

    In 1994, Good made her film debut as an extra in House Party 3. The following year, the young actress who had dreams of fame and fortune played "Kid #2" in the comedy Friday and had a supporting role in Make A Wish, Molly.

    She is also smokin hot.
  • This rising star made her big acting debut on "Eve's Bayou". She has since made many appearances in many music videos and movies and talk shows.

    I absolutely loove this actress because she has style, talent, and a great body. She is a great actress and is on her way to furthering her booming acting career. She is incomparable. She is classified in the same group that consists of Stacey Dash and Maia Campbell. At one point she and Campbell had a brief conflict. Campbell told renowned magazine "Sister 2 Sister" that she didn't like Good. Good in the next few months squashed that beef and said she didn't have anything against Campbell. Good showed how much of a lady she was when squashed the beef. She stopped it from getting out of control. I respect her for it. She did a great job in movies like "Venom", "You Got Served", and "Eve's Bayou". She is really talented and gorgeous. The chemistry she shows among her co-stars are out of this world. She and Tyrese did a excellent job in "Waist Deep". She is a great role model for small children and aspiring actresses.
  • Ms. Good is one of the best actors I've seen on tv. She's got it all, nice body, nice looks, and the smarts to be an ultimate actress. I especially liked her in You got Served as Beautiful. Music videos, 106 & park, dang this girls a superstar!

    Meagan Good is one of my many role-models, she never looses her cool, and she's prettier than any other actress in the biz. She's one talented Puerto Rican out of many, like J. LO. Us Puerto Ricans are just born to be stars, especially Mrs. Meagan Good, a true Supastar!
  • Megan Good is going to be a big star soon. She is a great performer in the acting business. She can be in both drama or comedy, she realy pulls through in both sides.

    Overall 23 year old, Megan Good will become one the top actress in our time. She can pull through any rolls that is giving to her. She is a great performer and is in really good shape. She was in some many movies and tv series, that people will realy notice her and by doing so, she is going to get more oppertunities until she is a top actress.