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  • She's amazing

    Meaghan Rath is a good actress. Even though i've only seen her in 15/love and fries with that. I think she can really fit into character as Adena. Not only that but i think she can be a really successful in the future. Meaghan is also very pretty. Which is always a bonus
  • I's simply fantastic

    I'm italian and I can say even if I see her only in 15/ love that It si fantastic and a promising actress.........
    I think that I understand everything with this description..........
    I make her the compliments I wish her a big future and I hope to be able to meet one day........
  • Meaghan Rath has a star role playing Adena Stiles on 15/Love.

    Meghan Rath is absolutely talented actress not to mention beautiful. No one could ever replace Meaghan on 15/Love because no one could ever play Adena Stiles the way she does. 15/Love would never be the same without her. I hope there will be even more seasons of 15/Love so we could see even more of Meaghan Rath. I haven't seen Fries with That when she gust stared but I wish I did because I heard she did a really great job playing her character. I love her taste for fashion. And I especially love her wardrobe on 15/Love ! !