Meat Loaf





9/27/1947 , Dallas, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Marvin Lee Aday




Meat Loaf was born in Texas, as Marvin Lee Aday. At the age of 20, Marvin moved to Los Angeles to play in local bands and appeared in musicals such as Hair and As You Like It.

He made his film debut with a memorable role in the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975. However, he also (uncredited) appeared in the film State Fair in 1962, as the Boy in Stands.

Marvin got the name Meat Loaf when he was in Elementary School. Marvin was a big guy, and therefore, kids started calling him Meatloaf... he kept it ever since.

Marvin married to Leslie G. Edmonds on the 23th of February in 1979, they got two kids together, but eventually divorced in 2001.