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  • I Love Meg!

    I been following Meg Ryan for many years and since her divorce, I've been following her even closer. She's a very sexy woman that I can't take my eyes off her. Almong my favorite movies are "Sleepless in Seattle," "when a Man Loves a woman," "You're Got Mail" and the list goes on and on. I've been writing letters to Meg in support of her. Write plenty about her in The Big Screen Cinema guide. She's the perfect girl next door. A girl that doesn't pose for Playboy. I missed her onb the big screen and I hope seh can return someday.
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    Meg Ryan is a great actress who actually used to be better. Her recent movies have not been as good as years past, but she is still the queen of romantic comedies.
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    her best was "You've Got Mail"
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    She is a cool actress. She is kind of like the best actress in the sort of romantic comedy movies, most of what she has appeared in. She is unique and priceless. Few people could have taken over her place, and no one did. She is an awesome actress and one of the best.