Meg Tilly

Meg Tilly


2/14/1960, Long Beach, California

Birth Name

Margaret E. Chan


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Born on Valentine's day, 1960, to a Chinese father and an Irish American mother, Meg was raised in British Columbia by her mother and step-father. Meg started taking dancing lessons at age 12. She became a member of the Connecticut Ballet Company, and the Throne Dance Company. After…more


Trivia and Quotes

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    • Meg claims that she does not have a television in either of her two homes.

    • In high school, Meg and her sisters, Jennifer & Becky were known as The Three Musketeers.

    • A body double was used for Meg's nude scene in Body Snatchers, although she has appeared nude in several other films.

    • Meg sold the rights to her novel Singing Songs to United Artists, but it hasn't been produced.

    • As a teenager, Meg began her professional stage career as a singer with the Royal Conservatory Choir in Victoria, British Columbia.

    • Meg wrote the episode Virtual Reality of the series Winnetka Road.

    • Meg's role of Mary in Psycho II was originally offered to Jamie Lee Curtis, but she turned it down.

    • Meg won an APEX award for Best Supporting Actress in the 1993 film, Body Snatchers.

    • Meg was signed to play Mozart's wife in Amadeus, but tore ligaments in her leg the day before shooting was to start. She was playing soccer with her children.

    • Meg has two children by first husband Tom Zinnemann, who she divorced in 1989.

    • Meg has a son, William Firth, born in 1990, with former boyfriend, actor Colin Firth, who she met while working together on the 1989 film, Valmont.

    • Meg wrote a novel, Singing Songs, and has a second, Gemma, coming out in October, 2006.

    • Meg is the younger sister of popular actress Jennifer Tilly. They also have another younger sister, Rebecca.

    • In 1984, Meg was nominated for Best Actress for Psycho II, by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror films, U.S.A.

    • In 1986, Meg was nominated for an Oscar for her supporting role in Agnes of God. She won a Golden Globe for the same role.

    • The January, 1984 issue of Seventeen magazine states that Meg is 5'6" tall.

    • Tilly is Meg's mother's maiden name. Her real father is Chinese, but she was raised by her mother and stepfather.

    • Meg began dancing lessons when she was 12. She won a scholarship to a prestigious ballet school in New York, but suffered a serious back injury which cut her dancing career short.

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