Megan Boone

Megan Boone


4/29/1983, Petoskey, Michigan, USA

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  • Terrence Howard as DDA Jonah \
  • Megan Boone as DDA Lauren Stanton on Law...
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    • Megan: (on the actor Philip Seymour Hoffman on the time of his death) Philip Seymour Hoffman was the first actor I met after leaving home. His friendship at that time meant more to my life than he ever knew.

    • Megan: (on being busy) You know your life has been swept up in something when you throw your arms in the air in an exuberant celebration of 5 hrs of free time.

    • Megan: (on moving to LA) I just moved here and haven't really furnished my apartment yet, so it's kind of an empty space. I go to work and my character, Liz Keen, goes through these ups and downs that cause a lot of trauma for her. I'm kind of always in this heightened emotional state. Then I come home to this empty apartment and the only thing I have is my Jambox, and I just turn it on to the Fleetwood Mac or Chromatics or The Cure Pandora and let it surprise me while I dance off the day. That's one of the benefits to not having any living room furniture.

    • Megan: (on her grandmother) My grandmother was the Traverse City Cherry Queen in the 1950s. There are still huge banners of her when she was a teenager in a little one-piece bathing suit with cherries all over it.

    • Megan: (on contributing back to the art's community) Whenever I got a job acting or was paid to be an artist, I always took 10 percent of what I made and put in back into the art – I bought art or went and saw a theatre show I couldn't afford. I always thought of it as tithing, because people say you should give 10 percent of your money to the church.

    • Megan: (on her role in The Blacklist) Sometimes I'm on set and I'm questioning, 'Okay, so explain to me how Liz doesn't get this right now. How does she not understand what's going on?' But I think her naiveté is forgiven because she's a likable character.

    • Megan: (on the show The Blacklist) The Blacklist got great writers from Friday Nights Lights. I binge-watched that show and it brought me such delight. I devoured it. If our show could do the same thing, that would be incredible.

    • Megan: (on becoming a TV star) I'm taking it one day at a time

    • Megan: (on work enviroment in the filming of The Blacklist) You want to make your work environment a fun place. I'm fortunate enough to be surrounded by a bunch of actors who do that.

    • Megan: (on growing up in a retired community where her parents moved to be close to her grandparents) It was so strange. It was where I began to use my imagination.

    • Megan: (on the type of physical acting required in The Blacklist) I'm going to be dragged through the woods by the neck. I'll get it after a couple of takes. For me, the physical work is very visceral. You just have to throw yourself in and you'll ultimately be believable.

    • Megan: (on getting the role on The Blacklist) The producers were so fixated on making the right choice they couldn't find any other actor that they wanted to send to NBC with me. Usually, that's a bad thing. But they didn't want to give NBC another choice. There were a lot of women vying for the part.

    • Megan: (on working with her The Blacklist co-star James Spader for the first time)Already I was nervous. And this was terrifying. He could tell I was struggling in the rehearsal. I went back to my changing suite. I was running the new lines with the production assistant. I was snacking on popcorn cause that's what I do when I'm nervous.

  • mediocre at best

    Good thing the Blacklist has the incredible James Spader...
  • I don't know why there are so many negative reviews

    May be in a couple of early episodes she lacked at a couple of instances, but she has been really good since the mid of season 1. I have not seen her other plays but working besides James Spader and still stand-out is something which is by no means an easy task and she has done it remarkably well.