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  • I think she is a really talented actress.

    I love Megan Corletto. She is such a good actress. I first saw her on the show Charmed. Megan guest stared as "Little Piper" on "That 70's Episode". Megan was so cute in this role. She had her hair done in little pig-tails.

    Megan is one of those actresses that are just really great in almost all aspects of acting. She guest stared on the hit show ER. She had to be so emotional in her role, and I think she pulled it off.

    Athough Megan is a great actress, I don't think she will be a big star when she is older. I think Megan's cuteness when she was little made people fall in love with her. But I do hope that she proves me wrong, and is a big star when she grows up.